game plan

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - game plan

"game plan"

a carefully thought-out strategy or course of action


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - game plan

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  What are we going to do now that our main competitor has dropped its product that was in direct competition with ours?

Colleague 2:  We should develop a really good strategy to take advantage of this.

Colleague 1:  Shouldn't we just start pushing our product? Throw some money at advertising and marketing?

Colleague 2:  We could but I really believe that we need a solid game plan before we do anything. A well thought out strategy would be most effective.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - game plan

A coach is talking to his team ...

Coach:  Well boys, if we win tonight's game, we are in the semi-finals.

Player:  What's the plan boss?

Coach:  It is imperative that we stick to the game plan. We have developed an effective strategy to deal with the opposing team. We have proven that it works. Execute the plan to the letter and we have the best chance of winning.

Player:  Got it boss.

game plan - Usage:


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game plan - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for game plan.

game plan - Examples:

1)  ... negate some of his opponents' advantages by fighting smart and employing an intelligent game plan.

2)  ... a case of how do we adapt and how do we get our game plan in place. He says they plan to dominate the game by implementing ...

3)  ... plans to start with four urban reserves and their combined 242-plus hectares. His game plan is to orbit the city with developments that are prosperous.

4)  ... slow progress in decarbonising the grid. It's time utilities started rethinking their game plan.

5)  When clarity is needed to act decisively against jihadist terror, the game plan apparently is to further cloud the already murky waters.

6)  His 2016 game plan is to move toward higher exposure to resource companies and cyclical stocks while moving away ...

7)  The ones that realize and change their game plan will be the ones that will survive and have an audience that brings value.

8)  ... couldn't win because he was consistently given terrible ideas and a bad game plan.

9)  ... adds that being a category winner is not an accident it takes a good game plan and hard work. This game plan has to be developed early before organisational debt ...

10)  Let's sketch out a game plan.

11)  All the kids are b-graders and -- the game plan is rubbish and no one buys into it.

12)  It's all about getting a game plan and sticking to it so you can figure out how to resolve the potential financial ...

13)  ... accompanying pioneer in home lighting courses of action. As a home lighting game plan, a couple LED things are offered to consider differing lighting needs.

14)  ... although we know the opponents are strong we will still come with our own game plan.

15)  They had a game plan, stuck to it and delivered.

16)  We just stick to our game plan. We never deviate from it. I think that's what helps us ...

17)  Develop game plan for each market with required capital including new store development, remodels, relocations and ...

18)  ... post-secondary education won't be cheap, and it's going to take a game plan.

19)  At the end of the day it's about us having a game plan that can overcome anything that's thrown at us, ...

20)  Innovation was not a coincidence, but a game plan.