(to be) gay

Idiom Definition

"(to be) gay"

to be homosexual

Idiom Definition - to be gay


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Idiom Definition 2

"(to be) gay"

when something or some idea is considered stupid or of little value

(this definition is usually used by young people)


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Idiom Definition 3

"(to be) gay"

to be weak;

to not be manly

(this definition is usually used by young people and usually does not involve homosexuality)

Idiom Definition - to be gay

For example:

Look at that man.  He is standing on a chair because there is a little mouse on the floor.  Is he afraid of a little mouse?  He is so gay!

A teacher is shouting at a teenage student because the student was caught doing something against the rules.  The teenager starts to cry.  How gay!

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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be gay

Sylvia is sexually attracted to Jean.  Sylvia and Jean are lovers.  Sylvia is only sexually attracted to women.  Sylvia is not sexually attracted to men.

Is Sylvia gay?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be gay

Since Steve came out of the closet, he has been having fun dating other men.  Steve met Larry last week and has fallen in love with Larry.  Steve thought he was attracted to women but now knows that he is only sexually attracted to men.

Is Steve gay?

(to be) gay - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   12,869   click for frequency by country

(to be) gay - Gerund Form:

Being gay can be considered a controversial subject.

(to be) gay - Examples:

1)  The effort focuses on prominent gay and lesbian entertainers and leaders and what " legacy " means to them.

2)  Moon City is an agency that typically creates Subaru ads aimed at gay and lesbian consumers

3)  Just because someone opposes gay marriage and special " gay rights " doesn't make them a homophobe.

4)  Interesting also to see that Limbaugh is still doing the " little gay dweeb libbie " voice.

5)  I was lucky enough to see a staged reading of this gay sex farce, and thought it was a riot.

6)  This new biodoc takes an in-depth look at Vito Russo, a gay rights pioneer who was working for the cause in the early' 70s.

7)  And yes, it speaks to those who want to minister to the gay community in a way that is not based on rancorous polemical stereotypes and arguments.

8)  I knew of my father's and grandfathers' generation. Some of them were gay, but few were able to live openly gay lives.

9)  Everyone keeps telling me that, "its the gay capital of the East" and that I'll never have any relationships!

10)  Melissa is often praised for being one of the first openly gay rock stars and is also well known as an advocate for environmental issues.

11) He supported the right of gay couples to get married in a civil ceremony in a register office. 

12)  James is a teacher, researcher, actor, singer and a proud, gay Humanist.

13)  I'm African American, and I especially believe that what we're dealing with gay marriage is a satanic plot to destroy our seed.

14)  I wonder at this lack of insight in the preachers who wish gay people were dead or would disappear.

15)  As for the gay marriage issue, I am 100% opposed to homosexuality.

16)  They approve of and promote gay marriage and everything else on the gay agenda.

17)  It's like that movie about that gay cowboy and that other gay cowboy and how they want to quit each other.

18)  I've gone to parties with my gay friends and I'm not gay.

19)  The future make-up of the court may well determine whether gay marriage is discovered to be a Constitutional right.

20)  Romney does not support equal social and civil rights for gays. Millions of gay people vote.