to get a bang out of

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - get a bang out of

"to get a bang out of"

to enjoy something very much;

to take pleasure in;

to be amused by


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - get a bang out of

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Don't you just love to watch Joanne when a deadline approaches?

Colleague 2:  It is kind of fun to watch her running around so flustered.

Colleague 1:  Are we bad people because we get a bang out of other people's trouble?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - get a bang out of

Two parents are talking on a Saturday morning ...

Mother:  What's the outing for today?

Father:  I thought we might go to the zoo.

Mother:  Great idea. Young Albert does get such a bang out of watching the monkeys play.

to get a bang out of - Usage:


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to get a bang out of - Gerund Form:

Getting a bang out of watching a good movie makes the price of the ticket worthwhile.

to get a bang out of - Examples:

1)  People get a bang out of tossing a few dollars into something that made their heart swell.

2)  I merely get a bang out of putting on the closed captions and singing along with ...

3)  I work primarily in ethics, but get a bang out of lots of different questions in philosophy

4)  Yes, I do get a bang out of it when my son displays this talent and puts on a show in ...

5)  Some of the Badger players seemed to get a bang out of their old-school coach showing his lighter side

6)  He liked that. He also got a bang out of the bleeping noises the car made when he pressed buttons on its remote ...

7)  ... or while I lived abroad for any other reason that I got a bang out of being able to communicate in another language.

8)  He said Mr. Lomax thought it was a great car, and got a bang out of driving it.

9)  Loved that. I got a bang out of reading their blogs.

10)  Everyone knew she didn't like him but got a bang out of it because it was taboo.

11)  My bro on the other hand whilst he obviously gets a bang out of being the centre of attention, ...

12)  She gets a bang out of telling anyone who asks how she lost her two front teeth.

13)  But while I wouldn't want to date someone who gets a bang out of attending far-right political rallies, it's certainly true that opposites can attract.

14)  Tristan explains that he gets a bang out of getting to places, which are normally off-limits.

15)  Wordfiddler gets a bang out of a well performed roll. 

16)  Only two groups of people seem to be getting a bang out of the rioting in England. Firstly the rioters themselves, ...

17)  I'm actually getting a bang out of rejecting prospects before they can reject me.

18)  It was like he was getting a bang out of knowing it would upset me.

19)  ... but clearly getting a bang out of how much of a bang his children are getting out of him.

20)  My son absolutely loves his so far. He is truly getting a bang out of motoring around the yard.