to get a buzz on

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - get a buzz on

"to get a buzz on"

to drink alcohol and begin to feel intoxicated


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - get a buzz on

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I sure could use a drink after that long hard week at work.

Friend 2:  I wouldn't mind getting a little tipsy myself.

Friend 1:  I haven't got a lot of money.  Where can we get a buzz on for cheap?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - get a buzz on

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Can you believe that Arthur? He went out for lunch and had three whiskeys.

Colleague 2:  Kind of a waste of whiskey. It's no fun being at work after you've got a buzz on.

to get a buzz on - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   10   click for frequency by country

to get a buzz on - Gerund Form:

Getting a buzz on with friends can be a lot of fun.

to get a buzz on - Examples:

1)  ... and people wouldn't be turning to potentially lethal substances to get a buzz on the weekend. We can't just ban every substance that comes along.

2)  ... its primary concerns involve getting a buzz on and dancing in warm summer winds.

3)  An arrest warrant states Mansel reportedly told a Lubbock police investigator he drank a “fair amount” of alcohol but could not give a specific amount other than saying it was “enough to get a buzz on.”

4)  I think it still makes sense to stick to one drink per hour — you'll be able to get a buzz on but still keep your wits about you that way, ...

5)  Get a buzz on with the Happy Hour Tour of Avalon, a late-afternoon walking tour that hits island watering holes for a taste of Catalina's specialty drinks.

6)  Energy drinks, or highly caffeinated beverages, marketed to teens and young adults as a way to get “a buzz on” have been, to say the least, controversial over the last several years.

7)  And the researchers behind it say their bartender bots could have a number of other useful implications than just helping you get a buzz on.

8)  Even if you’re not at an establishment that’s going to embrace this change you’re still going to have people coming in with that expectation–that they can get a buzz on a few dollars anywhere.

9)  Responsible adults should be given easy access to beer, whether they need it to pee or just because it’s Wednesday night and they want to get a buzz on to help them over hump day. 

10)  Makes me laugh when you see all these people get together and than probably go home or to a bar and get a buzz on by sipping on their favorite alcoholic drink.

11)  I know I’ll never forget that the Yokohama police and transit authority tolerate getting a buzz on while on trains yet draw the line at walking up an escalator.

12)  As Chris Rock once said, people wanna get high. Take away all the drugs and drinks in the world and ... people will just find new ways of getting a buzz on.

13)  We love Anthony Bourdain, who has a lust for life and a hedonistic outlook that celebrates the art of food, getting a buzz on and exploring surroundings.

14)  Andre loved his wine and could go through twelve bottles in one sitting without even getting a buzz on.

15)  Partying. Everyone is doing it. Drinking on weekends and getting a buzz on is what being young is all about, right?

16)  I started off at family parties. They all knew my history, just a glass of wine, but the next party it was two because one hadn't hurt me. Nothing, I hadn't even got a buzz on.

17)  It's lets go out for dinner first, have a couple of drinks beforehand. Or, hey, I've got a buzz on now, ...

18)   It’s an old predicament: you crash into bed thinking you can sleep the alcohol off but wake up next morning to find you’ve still got a buzz on.

19)  We’re immediately harder to impress because no one has got a buzz on and everyone is still annoyed that the rain has turned to a fine hair-ruining mist, ...

20)  After a couple of glasses of wine, his wife has a nice buzz on.