to get a jump on

Idiom Definition

"to get a jump on"

to start something early;

to begin something before someone or something else begins - usually to gain an advantage

Idiom Definition - to get a jump on


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to get a jump on

Ned and Grace are planning to go camping for the long weekend.  They know that if they wait until after work on Friday that the traffic will be terrible and it may be difficult to find a campsite.  It will take them an extra two hours to arrive at the campsite if they do not...

"get a jump on the traffic."

Ned and Grace will leave Friday at lunchtime and avoid the bad traffic.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to get a jump on

Pamela's son, Aaron, will start kindergarten next year. Pamela wants Aaron to do well in school.  Pamela decides to start teaching Aaron his ABC's at home before he goes to kindergarten.  This way, Aaron will...

"get a jump on his future classmates."

to get a jump on - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   161   click for frequency by country

to get a jump on - Gerund Form:

Getting a jump on your Christmas shopping means you start shopping in October.

to get a jump on - Examples:

1)  I get a jump on my day when I get up at 6am.

2)  You get a jump on your classmates when you read the textbook before class starts.

3)  He gets a jump on traffic when he starts fifteen minutes early.

4)  She gets a jump on the competition when she is the first to advertise a new service.

5)  The factory gets a jump on its competition when it is the first to use robots.

6)  We get a jump on the other team when we practice our plays.

7)  You (all) get a jump on me when you (all) go and see the boss before me.

8)  They get a jump on doing their taxes by keeping their receipts organized all through the year.

9) We're very lucky to get a jump on his famous sale. 

10)  You've inspired my to get a jump on it this year... I think I'll start on Monday.

11)  Hey, we can get a jump on this and start playing Christmas music the last week of November.

12) Ordering costumes online requires that you get a jump on Halloween to ensure your purchase is shipped to you on time. 

13)  You roll out the door before the sun is up to get a jump on the day.

14)  Get a jump on your future, earn an extra income and secure a job with us.

15)  This is an exciting time for developers to get a jump on this quickly growing segment of the converging digital market.

16)  There is no time like the present, come on, lets get a jump on the growing season by looking at a location for your productive garden.

17)  If your lucky, you can get a jump on your companions and take a breather at the top. 

18) Fans can get a jump on their Christmas shopping by pre-ordering the book right now. 

19) We decided to get a jump on them by forming our own panel and offering our own list. 

20)  Research properties in advance and get a jump on your competition.