to get along with

Idiom Definition

"to get along with"

to have a good and amiable relationship with another person or group of people or an animal or animals

Idiom Definition - to get along with


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to get along with

Ned and Grace have been married for more than thirty years. One day, Ned is talking with a friend ...

Friend:  How are you, Ned?  I haven't seen you in a while.

Ned:   Just fine, thank you.  Grace and I are going to celebrate our 31st anniversary next week.

Friend:  Wow! Congratulations!  How are you and Grace getting along?

Ned:  I get along with Grace better than ever.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to get along with

You are walking in the park.  You see two dogs playing together.  They are not fighting or growling.  In fact, they seem to be having a really good experience with one another.  They are running and jumping and having fun.

You could say that the two dogs get along very well.

to get along with - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   3,767   click for frequency by country

to get along with - Gerund Form:

Getting along with your neighbor can help to provide a peaceful and harmonious life.

to get along with - Examples:

1)  I get along with my boss very well.

2)  You usually get along with your neighbor.

3)  He gets along with his wife reasonably well.

4)  She gets along with all her friends.

5)  My dog gets along with the neighbor's dog.

6)  We get along with our teammates fairly well.

7)  You (all) get along with police when you (all) obey the law.

8)  They get along with their husbands on good days.

9)  I was a college kid and I didn't really get along with the manager.

10)  I actually get along with my parents so it really has been a fun time.

11) The ability to get along with others and communicate well is something vital to most jobs. 

12) It's so much easier to get along with other people when you can let them be themselves. 

13)  In the long run, you will be happier with someone you get along with well.

14)  My education was learning to work with and get along with lots of different kinds of people.

15)  I can't remember not getting along with anyone as long as I worked.

16)  Realize that after dealing with them for a while, getting along with everyone else will be easier.

17)  Can you talk a little about not getting along with people on the show?

18)  He gets along with everyone and is a laugh and fun times in any situation.

19)  I live in a safe area, and the whole street gets along with each other.

20)  We have a new puppy and only the kitten gets along with him because they grew up together.