to get hitched

Idiom Definition

"to get hitched"

to get married;

to join in matrimony

Idiom Definition - to get hitched


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to get hitched

Daniel and Mary have been dating for over two years.  They have fallen in love and get along very well.  They share many interests in common.  They are thinking of starting a family.  Perhaps it is time that...

they get hitched.


Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to get hitched

Steve was recently dumped by Barbara after a two year relationship.  Steve did not know that there had been anything wrong.  In fact, Steve was very much in love with Barbara and had been thinking of asking Barbara if...

she wanted to get hitched.


to get hitched - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   508   click for frequency by country

to get hitched - Gerund Form:

Getting hitched usually requires love and commitment from both people.

to get hitched - Examples:

1)  I get hitched when I want to get married.

2)  You get hitched when you want to make a commitment.

3)  He gets hitched when he is in love.

4)  She gets hitched when she wants to join in matrimony.

5)  We get hitched when we want to spend the rest of our lives together.

6)  You (all) get hitched when your girlfriend is pregnant.

7)  They get hitched every ten years to renew their vows.

8)  I'm not looking to get hitched soon or jump in a relationship like right now.

9) The straight religious people think that if gay people are allowed to get hitched in church then that will ruin things for the rest of us. 

10)  You find the person that makes you happy and you get hitched and you think that's it. 

11) It's been decreasing year-on-year after the rush of older couples to get hitched when civil partnerships were introduced.  

12)  Here comes the bride: Katie is set to get hitched during live episode.

13)  Their wedding had some similarities with the 110,000 other couples who get hitched in the city each year.

14)  Unfortunately, people do tend to get hitched when relationships are in jeopardy.

15) Just as the couple were about to get hitched, Julia discovered that Sutherland had had an affair with a stripper. 

16)  Once again, the press are insisting Kylie's close to finally getting hitched.

17) My generation is getting hitched far later than previous generations. 

18)  I am by no means alone in my disinclination towards getting hitched.

19)  Getting hitched paled into insignificance next to merging record collections with your loved one.

20)  If Kanye's not into getting hitched to his reality TV girlfriend, he'd better start running now.