to get it off your chest

Idiom Definition

"to get it off your chest"

to speak about or confess something that is troubling you - in order to feel better after releasing your burden

Idiom Definition - to get it off your chest


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to get it off your chest

Harold is a supervisor in a factory.  Recently, there have been some major changes to the machines in the factory.  Harold has been quite worried that these changes cause a threat to the safety of the workers.  Harold's manager has noticed that Harold has been worried and preoccupied since the changes took place...

Harold's manager asks Harold if there is something that Harold would like to get off his chest.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to get it off your chest

Jean has been carrying a secret for years. It has weighed her down and made her quite unhappy. Jean is tired of carrying the burden of the secret. Jean and her friend, Fred, are talking one day ...

Fred:  I notice that you have been quite down in the dumps, lately.

Jean:  I have a big big secret that I am so afraid to tell.

Fred:  I am your very good friend, Jean.  I will understand and accept anything you want to tell me.  You know, sometimes it is a great relief to just get it off your chest.

to get it off your chest - Usage:


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to get it off your chest - Gerund Form:

Getting it off your chest can be a huge relief.

to get it off your chest - Examples:

1)  I get it off my chest when I am tired of keeping a secret.

2)  You get it off your chest when you need to confess something.

3)  He gets it off his chest when a friend offers to listen.

4)  She gets it off her chest so she can feel free of the burden.

5)  We get it off our chests when the problem begins to affect our sleep.

6)  You (all) get it off your chests when you (all) think that it is very important to express your opinions.

7)  They get it off their chests when if they don't, they think they will explode with stress.

8)  Thanks for listening. Good to get it off my chest at least.

9) This has been bugging me a lot lately so I need to get it off my chest

10)  It was such a feeling of relief to get it off my chest.

11)  This isn't really relevant, but I have to get it off my chest.

12)  I want to share our exchange, to get it off my chest, as well as to hear your reactions.

13)  Its so nice to be able to get it off your chest without having to tell another individual.

14)  Maybe you just had to get it off your chest, and well done for that.

15)  Go ahead, get it off your chest. Show us you know how to be open and accountable.

16)  If you don't get it off your chest it's just going to get worse over time.

17)  I was really angry when starting it, but getting it off my chest possibly prevented a homicide.

18)  I feel somewhat better just for getting it off my chest!

19) You'll be amazed by how much better you feel just by getting it off your chest

20)  There's a reason they call it getting it off your chest. Because afterwards we can breathe easier. It's liberating.