to get it

Idiom Definition

"to get it"

to understand something

Idiom Definition - to get it


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to get it

A teacher is explaining a complex math problem to a student ...

Teacher: Begin with X. Multiply X by the coefficient of Y and square the result. Do you understand?

Student: I don't get it.

Teacher: What don't you get?

Student: I don't understand where the coefficient comes from.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to get it

Two parents are talking about disciplining their child ...

Mom: You know we need to be consistent as parents.

Dad: Yes, I understand.

Mom: And when we make a rule, you can't break the rule and do what you want.

Dad: I understand.

Mom: If we both send a different message, it will not help the situation.

Dad: I get it! I get it!

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to get it - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   125,668   click for frequency by country

to get it - Gerund Form:

Getting it can be a revelatory experience.

to get it - Examples:

1)  It's amazing. But that's what I am saying: I get it; I know why those girls are talking to me.

2)  It is like sub content pages that took a hit. I don't get it at all. Two sites lost 50% of their traffic.

3)  Tagg didn't get it back then, but he came to understand.

4)  It's that SIMPLE -- but right wingers don't get it.

5)  It can take a very long time for an autistic to get it. To learn, even from their own mistakes. 

6)  Keep trying guys you will get it right eventually.

7)  I don't get it.

8)  You get it now?

9)  Yeah umm just like Sherry I am also slow, I still don't get it.

10)  Some of them get it, and some are too brainwashed to think it through.

11)  That led me to wonder, why don't they get it?

12)  That's enough. I think we get it.

13)  I don't quite get it.

14)  Like a broken record. I get it: He's ANGRY. No, the world is not perfect.

15)  If I misrepresent what's in my head, I fear that you might not get it.

16)  Look, I get it. We're not mining and trading blood diamonds.

17)  Maybe I am living a totally different life and I just don't get it.

18)  They really don't get it.

19) Recovery has proven one thing: a lot of people out there just don't get it

20)  Sell your stock while its close to $700 to make a profit. Get it?