get out of jail free card

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - get out of jail free card

"get out of jail free card"

something that will immediately resolve or relieve an undesirable situation, especially that which results in no or minimal consequences


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - get out of jail free card

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I've made a huge mistake. I changed the formulas on our report and they turned out to be completely wrong. I will have to spend the weekend in the office working to correct it.

Colleague 2:  Don't worry.  I have a get out of jail free card for you.

Colleague 1:  How's that?

Colleague 2:  I made a backup of the file just before you started working on it.

Colleague 1:  Wow! Thanks a lot.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - get out of jail free card

A father and son are talking ...

Father:  It's only a minor accident and the damage is minimal and you are a new driver so I am going to pay for the repairs this time.  If you have another car accident, you will have to pay for the repairs.

Son:  Thanks for the get out of jail free card, Dad. I wasn't sure where I was going to find the money to pay for the repairs.

Father:  Just remember that next time you will have to suffer the consequences.

get out of jail free card - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   196   click for frequency by country

get out of jail free card - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for a get out of jail free card.

get out of jail free card - Examples:

1)  ... he couldn't answer a question. It's the get out of jail free card every time the government gets into trouble

2)  It could well turn out to be your "get out of jail free card" -- just on the off chance anything were to happen.

3)  ... seeming attempt at a 'get out of jail free card' here is utterly invalid.

4)  ... pills, can save a life. But it's not a get out of jail free card. To have that assumption is a very, very dangerous.

5)  ... proposed clause would give trustees a "get out of jail free card" that would allow them to violate the code of conduct, ...

6)  ... the content online and into the public sphere is "not a get out of jail free card." But, he said, it does help campaigns dodge liability ...

7)  They were hopeless. He essentially became the get out of jail free card for the Titans, and most wins they had either fell to him ...

8)  ... not "to give companies like Twitter a get out of jail free card when they knowingly hand over powerful communications tools to designated terrorist organisations"

9)  We wanted to give away our get out of jail free card.... It's important to have real stakes and real consequences and ...

10)  The ANC has the race card as their get out of jail free card. This allows them to shut down any discussion they don't agree ...

11)  without fear of regulatory reprisals, would not give companies a 'get out of jail free card'.

12)  And the closest thing to a get out of jail free card? Staying hydrated throughout the night and when you get home.

13)  ... is the moment in your life you choose to use your karmic Get Out of Jail Free Card, I sincerely hope you have smooth sailing from here on.

14)  ... however, this is not a get out of jail free card in New York, and probably not even grounds for a new trial ...

15)  ... are, in other words, extremely lucky. This is a get out of jail free card for a horrendous mistake on a horrendous contract. 

16)  Impaired drivers continue to routinely use the ER as a " get out of jail free card, " escaping police assessment at accident scenes by claiming injury, ...

17)  ... is no innocent victim, he just happened to have a get out of jail free card because he was useful to the police.

18)  ... be deleted from their database because being depressed was not a "get out of jail free card".

19)  You are right: everyone has a right to a Get Out Of Jail Free card. I think that my colleagues would let bygones be bygones if you ...

20)  And really, I have a' get out of jail free card' with the fans. They seem to embrace me in whatever film ...