to get something off the ground

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - get something off the ground

"to get something off the ground"

to get something started


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - get something off the ground

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I'm really struggling to get this idea off the ground.

Colleague 2:  What's the problem?

Colleague 1:  It seems that my idea is so radical that people have a hard time understanding the benefits.

Colleague 2:  If you could just think of a way to begin, even in the smallest way, perhaps people could then understand the benefits.

Colleague 1:  I agree. It is figuring out how to even get started in a minimal way that is the challenge.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - get something off the ground

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How is your new country house construction project coming along?

Friend 2:  I haven't even got if off the ground yet.

Friend 1:  What's the problem?

Friend 2:  It seems that the area where I want to build is not zoned for residential construction. I am having an extremely difficult time convincing the county to change the zoning by-laws.

Friend 1:  I wish you luck. It would be nice to see your dream become reality.

to get something off the ground - Usage:


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to get something off the ground - Gerund Form:

Getting a new business off the ground is a huge challenge.

to get something off the ground - Examples:

1)  ... or diversification that needs a small financial injection to help 'get it off the ground'.

2)  ... even thought that far ahead yet, I need to get it off the ground first.

3)  ... dream finally come to fruition, after years of wanting to get it off the ground

4)  We need something to kickstart this to get it off the ground.

5)  ... really great people who helped us with our business idea and getting it off the ground. We were very lucky to get funding for a lot of courses through the ...

6)   ... on to become the founding members and the driving force to getting it off the ground.

7)  ... distributor in the hope of generating interest in the project and getting it off the ground ...

8)  It took a real team effort to get this off the ground, and I'm proud to make history with the biggest factual co-production agreement between ...

9)  ... have investors, but they won't release funds until I get this off the ground.

10)  ... going to take another four years, five years to get this off the ground again. How am I going to eat?

11)  But, when many around him are struggling to get projects off the ground, he gets lots (but not all) of his made.

12)  Builders and developers are currently struggling to get projects off the ground, despite a chronic shortage of housing.

13)  The skills of the contractor can be used to get projects off the ground and once their skills have been used, the contractor can move onto their next ...

14)  I know how hard it is to get things off the ground as we have had to beat our way to survive in ...

15)  ... a show of support is vitally needed to get things off the ground.

16)  When Kickstarter launched, it was squarely aimed at helping get businesses off the ground and turning great ideas into great products.

17)  Bad leaders on the other hand have never been able to get businesses off the ground.

18)  ... crowd-funding has emerged as a popular way for entrepreneurs to get businesses off the ground.

19)  ... saw the opportunity to apply his business skills to get something off the ground, and raise the $500m needed to make it happen.

20)  ... yet when these same private developers try to get something off the ground they immediately oppose it.