to get the green light

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - get the green light

"to get the green light"

to get official approval to do something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - get the green light

Two company directors are talking ...

Director 1:  Have you received approval for that new project to move forward?

Director 2:  Not yet.  The numbers are just not looking that good.  I've asked my team to put in a little more time and come up with a better plan.

Director 1:  Do you suppose that the project will go ahead eventually?

Director 2:  I'll get the green light when the numbers look more favorable.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - get the green light

Two parents are talking about their son Tony ...

Mother:  It looks like Tony has saved up enough money. He has his driver's license and he graduates high school next month. Do you suppose we should give our approval for him to buy his car?

Father:  Well, Tony has been planning to buy a car since he was fourteen. He's been working really hard and I think we should support him.

Mother:  Let's tell him that he is allowed to buy his car at supper tonight.

Father:  He will be so very happy to get the green light.

to get the green light - Usage:


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to get the green light - Gerund Form:

Getting the green light, you begin to work on your project in earnest.

to get the green light - Examples:

1)  So if I get the green light with one of the tests it means in the future I should be able ...

2)  ... is he really saying if the project get the green light from all the authorities the Green Groups will not abide by the decision and ...

3)  ... comments so far suggest that not all of the recommendations will necessarily get the green light. So I guess we'll just have to live in hope.

4)  If filming does get the green light by the studio and production goes ahead, filming could start as early as ...

5)  Fielding admits he thinks it will get the green light at council, despite his opposition ...

6)  ... no indication from the province as to if and when the project will get the green light. # " We can't wait another year for them to look at ...

7)  We are fully prepared to go as soon as we get the green light.

8)  The plant at the centre of Canada's largest ever beef recall could get the green light to start churning out meat for Canadians before the end of the week.

9)  City staff says such a program would not only have to get the green light from the Ontario government, but be cost-effective for the City as well.

10)  His research shows that 80% of those who get the green light to go ahead with an assisted suicide do not go through with it.

11)  If everything pans out and if AMSO gets the green light from the federal government, the company's half-dozen wells initially might produce about ...

12)  If the park gets the green light, that will be 51% of the state locked away.

13)  It's a fairly common story, a project gets the green light and business cases are generated. The financial are put together, rough estimates ...

14)  If he gets the green light after his final check-up then he should play a key role on the Marlies ...

15)  With the International Cricket Council giving the green light for day-night Tests, floodlight Ranji games would be another way to draw spectators ...These days, no new IP gets the green light unless it has the potential to become a franchise.

16)  After getting the green light from both parties, he attacked the problem at the source.

17)  Finally getting the green light from Brussels will mean a huge boost for the British economy.

18)  Exeter Chiefs are hopeful of getting the green light for the development of their Sandy Park home from planning chiefs this week.

19)  ...the first official trial of using human embryonic stem cells in patients after getting the green light from regulators. 

20)  Don't start taking this herb without getting the green light from your doctor.