to get the message

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - get the message

"to get the message"

to understand something that is only hinted at, perhaps because it is unpleasant


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - get the message

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  You keep sending Gerry out of the room to get various unnecessary items. Why are you doing that?

Colleague 2:  I really don't want him present during these sensitive negotiations.

Colleague 1:  And do you think he is getting the message?

Colleague 2:  He keeps hanging around so, no, I don't think he understands.

Colleague 1:  Perhaps you need to take a more direct approach.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - get the message

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:   You know, I really like Mr. Keenan. He is a really good teacher and he is really nice to his students but he has terribly bad breath.

Student 2:  Let's buy him a bottle of mouthwash and leave it on his desk.

Student 1:  Do you think he will get the message?

Student 2:  A bottle of mouthwash is not very subtle. He may only understand that he has bad breath and not that we really like him.

to get the message - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   765   click for frequency by country

to get the message - Gerund Form:

Getting the message after thinking about it for a time, he dropped what he was doing and went to help.

to get the message - Examples:

1)  ... they usually get the message . That they intuitively understand that I'm being facetious makes it obvious to me ...

2)  ... give a couple of them to prison with hefty fines and maybe they'll get the message.

3)  ... sort some things out about what happened, but hopefully this helps them get the message.

4)  ... "nonchalant cool" can be classified as social cues. Most guys get the message. But The Creepy Guy might not because he RARELY picks up on social cues.

5)  Great that they're smart and get the message.

6)  ... decided as a group to proceed without him. At that point he got the message. His time wasn't more important than ours.

7)  Okay, so you got the message . Now let's get down to specific cases.

8)  ... to get a second opinion, we read between the lines and certainly got the message.

9)  So, did you say anything? No. I got the message. It's okay with me. I shouldn't have been kissing him in ...

10)  She skipped the white, but the audience got the message.

11)  How many nations and human lives will be lost before they eventually get the message?

12)  Hopefully he will soon get the message? If you've made yourself a doormat, he'll keep that going.

13)  ... calling her admirer to insist she's no longer interested. Will he get the message? Somehow, I very much doubt it.

14)  ... lampoons, ridicules and that offends the MSM. But do they get the message? Let's find out.

15)  Do you think the film is good enough for the viewers to get the message?

16)  Let me sum it up for you cause you are obviously not getting the message.

17)  I could go on but I trust you are getting the message.

18)  You guys need to work harder! The mainstream media aren't getting the message.

19)  ... it was time to be really blatant with someone who just wasn't getting the message.

20)  ... nodded with a bemused expression on his face. He wasn't getting the message.