to get the runaround

Idiom Definition

"to get the runaround"

to be given misleading or evasive information such that it is extremely difficult to get what you are trying to get

Idiom Definition - to get the runaround


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to get the runaround

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Have you found out why your driver's license has been suspended?

Friend 2:  I have been to the three different government agencies but each one directs me to a different department. I have an excellent driving record and have done nothing wrong.

Friend 1: Perhaps you should keep trying.

Friend 2:  I will.  I just get a little tired of getting the runaround.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to get the runaround

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How have you been doing looking for work with your new PhD?

Friend 2:  Not so good.  I'm having trouble finding a job.

Friend 1:  Why is that?

Friend 2:  All the people I talk to are understanding and impressed but I believe that they think I'm overqualified and they keep directing me to other departments.

Friend 1:  That's frustrating when you get the runaround.

to get the runaround - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   87   click for frequency by country

to get the runaround - Gerund Form:

Getting the runaround can be very frustrating.

to get the runaround - Examples:

1)  Those who deal with the frustrations of federal government voice mail will only get the runaround in one official language instead of two.

2) I called the station several times to ask when they were showing Voyage, only to get the runaround, and finally being told they would not show it if there was not an interest shown.

3)  The stories are sketchy and even veteran reporters will get the runaround.

4)  Twenty years down the line the UK has done nothing, and I get the run around from various government departments.

5) If they establish that you know where you are going then you don't get the run around

6)  As you may have found out by now, it's easy to get the run around when joining other programs to make money.

7)  I then get the run around and have to kill another day waiting for them come again.

8)  I get the run around and talk to the owner (I think).

9)  I called them and get the run around bla bla bla.

10)  You get the runaround when trying to collect insurance claims.

11)  Are you getting the runaround?

12)  Has he gotten the runaround a few times?

13)  We have been getting the runaround all morning.

14)  He got the runaround trying to renew his passport abroad last year.

15)  Did you (all) get the runaround trying to renew your passports abroad last year?

16)  Were they getting the runaround until the correct department was found?

17)  He had not gotten the runaround before finalizing the claim.

18)  He had been getting the runaround for weeks by the time the contract was signed.

19)  Had they been getting the runaround for weeks by the time the contract was signed?

20)  She is going to get the runaround applying for a visa.