to get your act together

Idiom Definition

"to get your act together"

to become more organized or efficient with your activities

Idiom Definition - to get your act together


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to get your act together

Johnny is a 14 year old teenage boy.  His room is a mess.   His grades in school are terrible.  He talks rudely to his parents and teachers.  He never does any work around the house.  Johnny plays a lot of video games.  Johnny´s mother could say to him:

"Johnny, you need to get your act together!"

When a person needs to get their act together, this idiom has a negative meaning.  Things are not good as they could be.  Things need to be improved.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to get your act together

My life is so disorganized.  I can never seem to arrive for work on time.  I can not keep up with all the laundry.  My friends are complaining that I do not spend enough time with them.  My neighbors are complaining that my yard is very messy and that the grass needs to be cut.

"I need to get my act together!"

to get your act together - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,206   click for frequency by country

to get your act together - Gerund Form:

Getting your act together requires organization and hard work.

to get your act together - Examples:

1)  I get my act together whenever I feel disorganized.  I get to work!

2)  You get your act together when you think you have a lot of work to do.

3)  He gets his act together when his teachers complain.

4)  She gets her act together when she feels lazy.

5)  The union gets its act together once in a while.

6)  We get our act together when we need to do something important.

7)  You (all) get your acts together when the team needs to win.

8)  They get their act together when there is a work deadline.

9)  If they can get their act together, they might battle the Heat for the East Conference title.

10)  Both sides need to get their act together and quit bashing the other side and give the voters something of substance.

11)  It's a very immature application, but hopefully Adobe will get their act together with CS5.

12)  If the experts and best educated couldn't get their act together maybe they're not quite as smart as they like to present themselves.

13)  While I agree with the fact that Microsoft really needs to get their act together, I disagree that Apple did much better. 

14)  Unless the Eurozone can get its act together the value will fall.

15)  If only it could get its act together, it would be far more effective as a power for good.

16)  Come on scientists, get your act together, the world needs these answers.

17)  You really need to get your act together and stop the whining.

18)  If I just get my act together and toughen up this cancer will disappear.

19)  It took me a year or so to get my act together.

20)  If I really get my act together, I might try to add in some sort of comment functionality.