to get your goat

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - get your goat

"to get your goat"

to annoy, anger, irritate or upset someone


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - get your goat

A mother and daughter are talking ...

Mother:  Why are you so upset?

Daughter:  It's Tim.  He's always teasing me and it makes me so angry.

Mother:  Perhaps you shouldn't let your brother get your goat like that.

Daughter:  How?

Mother:  You could just try to ignore him when he starts teasing.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - get your goat

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I see that you are a little late.

Friend 2:  Sorry about that. I was set to be on time but when I flagged a taxi down, somebody else took my taxi.

Friend 1:  That is really irritating.

Friend 2:  Yes, it sure gets my goat.

to get your goat - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   361   click for frequency by country

to get your goat - Gerund Form:

Getting my brother's goat is a favorite pastime of mine.

to get your goat - Examples:

1)  Stealing from the kids, that really gets my goat, so to speak.

2)  ... the stupid owners just shrug it off as 'nature'! Really gets my goat. One rule for dogs and none for cats.

3)  ... effects or boasting about crap stuff to your friends/competitors on Facebook. Really gets my goat.

4)  The other thing on this that really gets my goat is the enthusiasm the police show for prosecuting speeding offenses when there's no victim ...

5)  Then again, this one really gets my goat, people thinking it necessary to wear sunglasses inside buildings. Take them off.

6)  I take such comments on the chin, but sometimes it really does get your goat, especially when you get the feeling that your colleagues think you're rubbish ...

7)  Don't worry about what that person said. He was just trying to get your goat.

8)  Or do overly chatty people get your goat?

9)  He's just trolling you, trying to get your goat. Don't give him the satisfaction.

10)  ...your mom is irritating, nagging, exacting, annoying and judgmental who gets your goat and makes you fly off the handle ...

11)  I have many but the one that seems to be getting my goat of late is people texting while walking.

12)  I slip sometimes, but if a particular user or question is getting my goat, my policy is usually to just be like, " This question is not ...

13)  Whats getting my goat recently is the fact I need to choose between maternity leave and advancing my career.

14)  Just tell him that something can't be done... that'll get his goat.

15)  ... that the growing use of the first person plural in text and headlines gets his goat.

16)  What gets our goat is this -- why can't a cleavage bearing woman have any values and why ...

17)  But what really gets our goat is that Malema is trying to make her a target, because of something he ...

18)  ... if you have to make an admission that's going to get her goat, don't wait until after they have showered ...

19)  These are catty swipes, passive aggressive comments designed to get our goat and you know what? They are working. I am angry.

20)  If Muslims did not let these caricatures get their goat, people would laugh at them and forget them.