to get your wires crossed

Idiom Definition

"to get your wires crossed"

to misunderstand one another;

to have a different understanding of a situation

Idiom Definition - to get your wires crossed


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to get your wires crossed

Lucy is reading an information sheet on a bulletin board outside an auditorium where the Geography Final Exam is being held ...

Robert: Everything alright Lucy?

Lucy: I'm supposed to write my Geography final now.

Robert: Why aren't you in the auditorium writing, then?

Lucy: If I'm reading this schedule correctly, my exam was yesterday evening.

Robert: Oops! You must have got your wires crossed.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to get your wires crossed

There were to be two parties, one a casual party and one a costume party.

Glenn was sure that he had heard from Jan that this party would be the costume party ...

Do you suppose that Glenn and Jan got their wires crossed?

to get your wires crossed - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   54   click for frequency by country

to get your wires crossed - Gerund Form:

Getting your wires crossed can lead to no end of confusion.

to get your wires crossed - Examples:

1)  There are a couple of instances where the men get their wires crossed and think they are in love

2)  They can get their wires crossed at times but they are doing so it all sincerity and love.

3)  We just need to make sure we don't get our wires crossed.

4)  This is where Mike got his wires crossed.

5)  Not what? Hasn't Mr Keith got his wires crossed?

6)  Travolta does look a bit like Mel Gibson, so perhaps this guy got his wires crossed.

7)  I thought he had got his wires crossed.

8)  No matter how erudite he is; I think he has got his wires crossed with regards to his opinion on the so-called Tamil question.

9)  Yeah realised that I got my wires crossed shortly after posting that reply.

10)  I've got my wires crossed on this it seems.

11)  Yeah, I'd got my wires crossed. Checked earlier and I had actually installed a Western Digital Caviar Lite 170MB.

12)  Either somebody in the Conservative caucus got their wires crossed or Redford's staff didn't pay enough attention.

13)  The resident who reported the outdoor event to Sussex Police obviously got their wires crossed!

14)  Somewhere, McK got their wires crossed and lifted virtually the entire report from an interview.

15)  We've all of us at one point got our wires crossed and settled down for a night in front of the box with Ingrid Bergman.

16)  We got our wires crossed, and it is like we left our senses back home.

17) I tried to give her what she wanted but I guess somewhere along the way, we got our wires crossed

18)  Apologies -- got our wires crossed.

19)  Usually I agree with you though, but i think you've got your wires crossed here big time.

20)  Well I don't think I said that... You've got your wires crossed.