to give a hand

Idiom Definition

"to give a hand"

to help someone

Idiom Definition - to give a hand


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to give a hand

Mark and Randy are neighbors.  They live in the same apartment building on the same floor.  One day Mark arrives at the door to his apartment and sees Randy down the hall.  Randy is struggling with a large cardboard box trying to move it into his apartment ...

Mark:  Hey Randy, how's it going?

Randy:  Great, thanks, just trying to get my new TV into my apartment.

Mark:  Can I give you a hand?

Randy:  Thanks, I could use the help.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to give a hand

Kim and Stacy are in Junior High School. They have an important Math exam tomorrow morning. They are talking on the telephone ...

Kim:  I'm really worried about the Math exam tomorrow.

Stacy:  I think it will be easy.  I really like Math.

Kim:  Maybe for you, but I find Math so difficult.

Stacy:  Do you want me to come over and lend you a hand with studying?

Kim:  Thanks, Stacy.  I could sure use the help.

to give a hand - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   910   click for frequency by country

to give a hand - Gerund Form:

Giving someone a hand can be considered a nice thing to do.

to give a hand - Examples:

1)  I give my neighbor a hand when he asks for my help.

2)  You give me a hand when you see me struggling.

3)  He gives a hand helping at the soup kitchen.

4)  She gives me a hand because she likes to help.

5)  Charity X gives a hand to other charities when necessary.

6)  We give a hand to charities that need volunteers.

7)  You (all) give a hand to the survivors of the tsunami because it is the correct thing to do.

8)  They give a hand to old people who need help crossing the street.

9)  I'm willing to give a hand if I can.

10)  This child has to give a hand whether he or she likes it or not. 

11) Maybe you could have someone give a hand with that so that you can rest a bit. 

12)  All of them give a hand taking in the hay during the summer months.

13)  Stay in front of the pack by building your personal brand, giving a hand to junior auditors, and developing excellent relationships with top tier clients.

14)  Young people get a buzz out of giving a hand, said Santana. It's about contributing, connecting, supporting.

15)  I don't mind and, in fact, enjoy giving a hand.

16)  It is a system aimed at giving a hand to the smaller clubs.

17)  A good friend from Fujian Province has given a hand with a hundred thousand Chinese Yuan.

18) People down on their luck will vote if given a hand from service providers they trust. 

19)  And as he gives a hand, he is also relying on the support of his family.

20)  Stepping Stones is a local organization that gives a hand to teenagers experiencing homelessness.