to give a head start

Idiom Definition

"to give a head start"

to allow an advantage to another person or people usually in a competitive situation before the competition begins

Idiom Definition - to give a head start


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to give a head start

"Let's have a race", says Kim to Stacy.

"OK.  Where shall we race to?", asks Stacy.

"One time around  the block", replies Kim.

Stacy takes off on her bicycle but Kim does not move.  Instead, Kim counts to ten and then begins to bicycle.  The two competitors race around the block and Stacy crosses the finish line just before Kim.

Kim says to Stacy, "Good race, nice win!"

Stacy replies...

"But you gave me a head start!"

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to give a head start

Ned and Grace are sitting at the kitchen table one Sunday morning.  They are just about to do the crossword puzzle from the newspaper.  Grace challenges Ned to a competition claiming that she can finish the puzzle before Ned.  Ned replies that Grace is smarter than him.  Ned asks Grace if...

She will give him a head start.

to give a head start - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   348   click for frequency by country

to give a head start - Gerund Form:

Giving a head start can be a sign of good sportsmanship.

to give a head start - Examples:

1)  I give a head start to the competition when I feel confident.

2)  You give a head start to the competition if you are a good sport.

3)  He gives a head start to his wife because he loves her.

4)  She gives a head start in the interests of fair play.

5)  A company gives a head start to competitors when it does not follow market trends.

6)  We give a head start when we know we will win.

7)  You (all) give a head start when you (all) feel confident.

8)  They give a head start when the outcome has no meaning.

9)  Conspiracy theorists will posit that Microsoft wants to give a head start to Surface with Windows RT.

10)  These facts about Jamaica will give a head start to anyone who wants to learn about the island.

11)  Getting such links will give a head start to your website.

12)  To give a head start I would say that there are 2 definite constants in the Malazan world.

13)  I may be being simplistic, but screening could begin immediately and given a head start while the vaccine is being tested.

14)  Cyclists are also given a head start over motorists at traffic lights and junctions.

15) It was a bit weird that the folks running 11km were given a head start of only 15 minutes before the 5.5km runners. 

16)  The local industry was given a head start with the release of films like Teri Yaad and Hichkolay in 1948 and 1949.

17)  I want to see them welcomed on a level playing field and given a head start.

18)  Traditionally, dowry is considered important for giving a head start to the newly wedded couple.

19) They will get the chance to build their resume and gain real-world experience, giving a head start to many students who want to go into independent filmmaking. 

20)  The financial backing of PSI gives a head start to some very interesting initiatives.