to give an arm and a leg

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - give an arm and a leg

"to give an arm and a leg"

to pay, give, or do whatever is necessary or required in order to get or have something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - give an arm and a leg

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I hear the company is going to be opening new offices in Paris and are looking for the right person to run them.

Colleague 2:  I would give an arm and a leg to get that promotion. Living in Paris would be fantastic.

Colleague 1:  What are you willing to sacrifice?

Colleague 2:  Everything. I would basically do whatever it would take to get that job.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - give an arm and a leg

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Are you willing to let go of your tickets for the upcoming concert?

Friend 2:  Why?

Friend 1:  I know a guy who is willing to give an arm and a leg for them. He's willing to trade his most prized possession, a vintage concert poster, of which there are only four in the world, for your tickets.

Friend 2:  He must really want my tickets.

to give an arm and a leg - Usage:


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to give an arm and a leg - Gerund Form:

Giving an arm and a leg for what you want shows the depth of your need.

to give an arm and a leg - Examples:

1)  Many people, in those better forgotten days of military rule would give an arm and a leg to wear any kind of uniform. 

2)  ... while lounging in the Jacuzzi, or hike. Many would give an arm and a leg to be here right now.

3)  ... most of us can not imagine. I told him I'd give an arm and a leg to be where he is right now.

4)  ... bids and awards committee -- an appointment that some people would gladly give an arm and a leg to get because of the perks and privileges that go with it.

5)  While most die-hard Coldplay fans would give an arm and a leg to get tickets for the Coldplay concert, one lucky man has ...

6)  ... really lost weight overnight, but the retailers know that most women would give an arm and a leg to be able to.

7)  ... many women will give an arm and a leg to get married to him.

8)  I'd love to do it the Circuit of Ireland. I'd give an arm and a leg to go back and win it again but at the moment nothing ...

9)  Yes, a legible, beautiful, impressive handwriting. I can give an arm and a leg to acquire what in school parlance is called' a beautiful cursive ...

10)  They would give an arm and a leg to be out there. The tradition that is in the jersey ...

11)  Many of my peers in other professions would give an arm and a leg to have more flexibility in where they work.

12)  ... don't want to go but there's people out there who would give an arm and a leg for that.

13)  We Muslims must be the only kind of people who are ready to give an arm and a leg to move to the West and then live in their society and ...

14)  I would give an arm and a leg to play Ana Steele, the lead girl in the movie, ...

15)  ... most prestigious of its kind, and one that aspiring writers would give an arm and a leg to attend.

16)  And many foreign investors recognise this are therefore prepared to give an arm and a leg to make inroad into the economy.

17)  Granted, some people would give an arm and a leg to get access to health insurance, ...

18)  Man, I would give an arm and a leg to be able to visit Johnny Ive's design studio.

19)  Most companies would give an arm and a leg for a sure-shot way to predict whether an employee will stay or ...

20)  Most parents would give an arm and a leg to get their child reading at an early age.