to give in

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - give in

"to give in"

to surrender;

to yield under insistence or entreaty


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - give in

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: The boss is simply not interested. I asked but he refused.

Colleague 2: You need to keep asking and the rest of us will ask as well.

Colleague 1: Do you think the boss will eventually give in?

Colleague 2: He usually just surrenders out of frustration with dealing with the same question over and over.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - give in

A couple are talking in a supermarket ...

Husband: What are you doing? Our daughter throws a tantrum and you give her what she wants?

Wife: We are in the middle of a supermarket. It is embarrassing. Of course I am going to give in.

Husband: And what happens the next time she wants something? She will throw another tantrum because she knows you will give her what she wants.

Wife: What would you have me do?

Husband: Don't acknowledge her tantrum. Let her scream it out and it will pass.

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to give in - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   12,695   click for frequency by country

to give in - Gerund Form:

Giving in is just not an option when the outcome is so critically important.

to give in - Examples:

1)  But to me that's a call for progressives to fight harder and not give in to the conservative wing of the party.

2)  Those situations could be called hopeless. Yet we can not give in to the temptation to label any situation as irreparable.

3)  You're going to have to give in and call the repair guy at some point here.

4)  Instead of turning on each other, we've resisted the temptation to give in to mistrust and suspicion.

5)  Unfortunately, just like with any other addiction, once you give in a few times it becomes easier and easier to engage in destructive behavior.

6)  Rutledge, a retired bookkeeper, says she gave in to the pressure from the solicitor and finally agreed to do it.

7)  But we are adults and I think we should act like adults. We gave in to impulses and lapses in judgement while we were growing up. 

8)  Well I have, and unfortunately last week I once again gave in to my wanton urge to do something that I knew better than to do.

9)  ... or have you thrown in the towel because you gave in to the temptation of that one dessert?

10)  After arguing with her for a month straight, I finally gave in and asked my brother. 

11)  I'd lost the knack of getting into habits in my adolescence, giving in completely to machine-generated reminders over conscious choice.

12)  Or, instead of fighting the feeling, accept it and ride it out without giving in, knowing that it will soon crest like a wave and pass. 

13)  Even walking might be better than giving in to impatience and anger.

14)  He could open his eyes, but opening them was like giving in and admitting he was done sleeping.

15)  The danger of giving in to such temptations is distraction, half-heartedness, and sloppy performance.

16)  At this point the main character gives in to the devil and becomes one of his heretic followers.

17)  ... with the main character tempted to adultery. Unusually, he gives in, but doing so turns out to be a very bad idea.

18)  Finally, after what seems like years, he gives in to nature, and set outs to find ...

19)  Everyone tries to hold out, but one eventually gives in and frantically drinks the soup.

20)  No wise parent gives in to a child's fit because it just leads to more fits.