Give it a rest!

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - give it a rest

"Give it a rest!"

stop doing or saying something because it is annoying


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - give it a rest

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How are things with Harold?

Friend 2:  Not so good.  You know he never picks up his socks.  He doesn't take out the garbage.  He sits on the couch and watches sports.

Friend 1:  Oh, do please give it a rest with Harold.  It's the same story you always tell and it's getting a little annoying.  Just get rid of the guy already.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - give it a rest

A mother is scolding her daughter ...

Mother:  You have been crying for twenty minutes simply because you cannot have your own way.

Daughter:  I need. I want. I need.

Mother:  That is quite enough. Give it a rest! Go to your room.

Give it a rest! - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   503   click for frequency by country

Give it a rest! - Gerund Form:

Giving it a rest means you have stopped doing something annoying.

Give it a rest! - Examples:

1)  Get off you soap box and give it a rest it's just a TV show. It isn't real.

2)  Give it a rest. Stop being so defensive over your Apple products, they stand on their own ...

3)  ... entertaining without you people injecting your toxic cynicism into the discussion? Give it a rest.

4)  Trolling in general is getting kinda old, so plz give it a rest ok?

5)  They all turned out right and successful for the most part. Give it a rest. People are more concerned about other things that destroying this nation.

6)  What a cheap and insensitive thing to do. Give it a rest you hate mothering Libs!

7)  Please give it a rest Michael. You are asking Church to show that Ms.Rice is distinguished and qualified.

8)  Let's cut the crap in half right now: Guys, give it a rest.

9)  Hermione, will you give it a rest with the elf!

10)  ... as the Joker, and on and on and on... Give it a rest already.

11)  ... your typical tangent introducing once again your inexplicable fixation with race. Give it a rest man. No one else is talking about race.

12)  ... to make themselves heard -- but they have to know when to give it a rest.

13)  He speaks highly of him now so give it a rest.

14)  Sara, I sure wish you'd give it a rest. You just moved to this town and have immediately taken such a negative and ...

15)  Stop crying wolf I guess, as a race, just give it a rest. When there are real issues and real points I just do not care because ...

16)  Why can't all the right wingers just give it a rest?

17)  Give it a rest. The studies have been done, and they show now real correlation between vaccines ...

18)  And you always have to have the last word. Give it a rest please..., I agree with you completely. I noticed exactly the same about ...

19)  Give it a rest already! You've been trying for 2000 years and have gotten nowhere.

20)  Give it a rest about the ship design. It's different, so what? Not every ship ...