to give it your best shot

to give it your best shot

Idiom Definition

to give it your best shot

"to give it your best shot"

to try your hardest to do the best you can


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Idiom Scenario 1

to give it your best shot

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I sure hope we have done well with our presentation.

Colleague 2: Have we put in the work? Have we tried our very hardest to make the best presentation possible?

Colleague 1: I believe so.

Colleague 2: Then if we have given it our best shot, there is nothing else we can do.

Idiom Scenario 2

to give it your best shot

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: How is your training for the half-marathon going?

Friend 2: I am working diligently and putting in the grueling hours to be as best prepared as I can be.

Friend 1: If you are giving your training the best shot, then I believe you will do well in the race.

Friend 2: I do not believe that I could work any harder.

to give it your best shot - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   779   click for frequency by country

to give it your best shot - Gerund Form:

Giving it his best shot, he managed to score a seventy-nine percent on the exam.

to give it your best shot - Examples:

1) You owe it to the community to give it your best shot.

2) I did give it my best shot. I joined the Entrepreneurs' Organization. I went to MIT and ...

3) ... and who always tried to give it her best shot! So, finally, I am able without any sense of guilt, to ...

4) Relax, try not to clam up and give it your best shot - they will be expecting you to be a little out of your depth, ...

5) It's just to say that to give yourself the best shot at starting a business, you have to be able to focus on it.

6) Give something your best shot, try your hardest and you will get the rewards.

7) To give themselves the best shot at playing in that game, what should be the team's top off-season priorities?

8) I'm going to go for it and give it my best shot -- no guarantees I'm going to make it, but I'm going to ...

9) ... a significant amount of time will be needed to give yourself the best shot.

10) Therefore, we might as give living our best shot, and hope that things turn out reasonably well.

11) Sure, our parents no doubt gave it their best shot, and were well-intentioned, but who says that there wasn't another way to ...

12) If I could look back and say I gave it my best shot, then that's peace of mind for me.

13) So I put on my brave face and gave it my best shot!

14) I will at least have a clear conscience that I gave it my best shot.

15) ... be judged as being successful. Like I said, I gave it my best shot for ten years and it didn't work out for me.

16) You may be cheating yourself out of giving life your best shot. You might be holding back from expressing your talents in the world.

17) I'm giving it my best shot and if my best shot is good enough then it is.

18) ... pen and paper seemed a daunting task and even now after giving it my best shot I feel that words came up short to really express how I feel.

19) Although I haven't mastered this just yet I am giving it my best shot and hope with time that will come naturally.

20)  But I will be giving it my best shot tomorrow and I'm still confident I can be battling at the front.