to give someone short shrift

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - give short shrift

"to give someone short shrift"

to give someone very little of your time due to impatience or annoyance


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - give short shrift

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I thought you were going to meet with the boss?

Colleague 2:  I already have.

Colleague 1:  So what, the meeting lasted all of five minutes?

Colleague 2:  Yes. The boss always gives me short shrift. I think that she gets very impatient with me.

Colleague 1:  She probably has a lot on her mind. It is not you.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - give short shrift

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  You are looking sad.

Friend 2:  That girl I really like gave me short shrift again.

Friend 1:  Maybe she is shy or she was busy and didn't have time for you.

Friend 2:  No, I think she doesn't like me very much. She seemed very annoyed with me. I am not going to try talking to her anymore.

to give someone short shrift - Usage:


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to give someone short shrift - Gerund Form:

Giving your wife short shrift will cause trouble.

to give someone short shrift - Examples:

1)  ... when I tried to talk to their daughter at school, I got short shrift.

2)  ... than there are people who love and support him. These people sometimes get short shrift in the media, and not just in the right-wing media.

3)  ... is important that any notion of Britain weakening its commitment to Nato is given short shrift.

4)  ... could play out with the body responsible for road transport in this county giving short shrift to the councillor's pleas for a western N52 bypass of Ardee.

5)  Many carriers also fail to optimize their advertising and marketing strategies. They give short shrift to social media, the primary channel for reaching young people, and fail to ...

6)  The mayor generally gives short shrift to councillors who did not vote for him/her and starve such wards of funds.

7)  ... the proposals I have seen focus exclusively on Israeli concerns, ignoring or giving short shrift to Palestinian and broader Arab or Muslim concerns and sensitivities.

8)  ... story was relegated to the inside pages of newspapers and given short shrift in the rudimentary and superficial business reports of broadcast news.

9)  Tesla's planned outlays also appear to give short shrift to the dozens of repair centers that will be required to maintain its customers' ...

10)  ... said the systematic discrimination against gay people in that era has "gotten short shrift in the popular imagination."

11)  ... to the understandable frustration of those who feel their own priorities are given short shrift.

12)  ... but Kev gives his idea short shrift, leading to a furious row.

13)  ... says the story that got the short shrift this year in Canadian media is the assisted dying legislation. 

14)  ... bases to help abused children and spouses, whom panel members believed often received short shrift from FAP.

15)  Occasional calls for reparations and acts of contrition are met with short shrift, and dismissed as legally invalid.

16)  As seasons go, winter tends to get short shrift. No one ever said winter afternoon were the two most beautiful words in the ...

17)  But there's another era of photography that gets short shrift: the awkward dawn of the digital camera.

18)  Their needs are usually given short shrift by the decision makers.

19)  ... cases where, in the name of religion, women and children are given short shrift, discriminated against and denied the rights that this country provides for everyone.

20)  ... silly laws, and the new limits will no doubt be given the same short shrift by the boys in blue as they gave to the equally ludicrous jay-walking and cycling ...