to give someone the creeps

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - give someone the creeps

"to give someone the creeps"

to make someone feel frightened, nervous or uncomfortable


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - give someone the creeps

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Please run this down to the accounting department for me.

Colleague 2:  Must I?

Colleague 1:  Why? What's the problem?

Colleague 2:  Ed in accounting gives me the creeps. He always leers at me. He never looks me in the eye. He is always ogling my body.

Colleague 1:  That must be terribly uncomfortable. I will find someone else to take the report to accounting.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - give someone the creeps

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Don't you just love my Golden Tarantula award?

Friend 2:  No. It gives me the creeps. Can't you put it somewhere else?

Friend 1:  I am proud of this award. I like it. Why does it frighten you so much?

Friend 2:  Most people are afraid of large hairy spiders.

to give someone the creeps - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   241   click for frequency by country

to give someone the creeps - Gerund Form:

Giving her the creeps, the man continued to leer at her.

Giving them the creeps, the nest of spiders started to pulse.

to give someone the creeps - Examples:

1)  ... not sure I could eat an animal I'd named. Kinda gives me the creeps

2)  Perhaps it's a female thing, but he just gives me the creeps. There are some people one takes an instinctive dislike to. 

3)  As a parent keep your kid away from someone who gives you the creeps but do not let us be in the forefront of this mistrust in society.

4)  ... only been living in my apartment for one week and this place gives me the creeps. I just discovered maggots crawling under the kitchen sink.

5)  I wouldn't vote for him because he gives me the creeps.

6)  ... first visit to the London Dungeon. These days, it still gives me the creeps, but the nightmares have at least passed.

7)  ... know why, but I just don't like him! He gives me the creeps!

8)  ... his lips and saying he likes the idea of mother and daughter gives me the creeps.

9)  The end of the world is getting nearer -- it gives you the creeps. There is only one way to avoid the apocalypse -- a revolution, ...

10)  ... one of the few characters that cinema has produced that still gives me the creeps. Hannibal is not horror, he's just silently deadly and creepy, ...

11)  ... uncouth youth or older men staring at my daughter's assets gives me the creeps. Their mothers have GOT to teach them to be civilised right from toddlerhood.

12)  I, too, think it's cruel and it just gives me the creeps. Just like my aversion to wigs, it just seems so unnatural and icky.

13)  It kind of gives me the creeps when I think that these young people had free reign on our house.

14)  All this talk about closing profiles gives me the creeps. Can my profile be closed too?

15)  If I see one, it gives me the creeps all over. If one were to crawl on me, I'm sure I ...

16)  ... to get me to inject myself. That just gives me the creeps.

17)  I would absolutely hate to live forever -- it gives me the creeps to think about it.

18)  The guy gives me the creeps and looks like a union boss addicted to tanning booths.

19)  No carpet. Carpet gives me the creeps.

20)  Frankly, the whole Buddhist scene gives me the creeps, and I try to steer clear.