to give someone the cold shoulder

Idiom Definition

"to give someone the cold shoulder"

to give no interest to someone or something usually with the intent of purposefully not giving attention

Idiom Definition - to give someone the cold shoulder


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to give someone the cold shoulder

Stewart and Barbara have been boyfriend and girlfriend for about a year. One night they are talking about when they first met ...

Steve:  Do you remember when we first met?

Barbara:  I sure do.

Steve:  You were my boss's secretary.  Every time I came to the office, you wanted nothing to do with me.  You would barely even acknowledge my presence.

Barbara:  Yes, I suppose I did give you a bit of the cold shoulder.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to give someone the cold shoulder

Jane is talking with Linda about their mutual friend Karen ...

Linda:  What's up with Karen, lately?

Jane:  I know.  She has been acting very strangely lately.

Linda:  Every time I see Karen , she barely talks to me.  Do you suppose that we have offended her in some way?

Jane:  I can't imagine what slight she may imagine but she's been giving me the complete cold shoulder lately.

to give someone the cold shoulder - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   166   click for frequency by country

to give someone the cold shoulder - Gerund Form:

Giving your friend the cold shoulder sends a definite message.

to give someone the cold shoulder - Examples:

1)  I give my friend the cold shoulder when he has offended me.

2)  You give your boss the cold shoulder after he refuses to give you a raise.

3)  He gives his wife the cold shoulder after she makes him sleep on the couch.

4)  She gives her husband the cold shoulder when he forgets their anniversary.

5)  We give the other team the cold shoulder if we are poor sports.

6)  You (all) give me the cold shoulder after I betray a confidence.

7)  They give their teacher the cold shoulder when the teacher gives them a detention.

8)  Just give those disparaging thoughts the cold shoulder and move onto something productive.

9)  Even friendly women can get the cold shoulder if they don't know a few icebreakers.

10) Actors he thought were friends suddenly gave him the cold shoulder

11)  I saw my daughter (10) giving another girl a cold shoulder because her two friends don't want her around.

12)  His choice got a cold shoulder from his family.

13)  The fans should revolt and give him the cold shoulder. Calling him a greedy, scum bag would be an understatement.

14)  Often, she gets the cold shoulder from prospective employers reacting to her grey hair and her age.

15)  Iran agreed to consider the proposal, but the Russians got the cold shoulder from the West. 

16)  The third day I decided to call and honestly I got the cold shoulder.

17)  Our friends gave us the cold shoulder and felt themselves disgraced by the whole proceeding.

18)  Sometimes your cat will give you the cold shoulder, but it won't last forever. 

19)  As they get older, children tend to turn a cold shoulder to what is different and what they do not understand.

20)  She gave me the cold shoulder and walked away.