to give the game away

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - give the game away

"to give the game away"

to reveal a plan, strategy, surprise or joke that was supposed to be kept secret


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - give the game away

"to give the game away"

in sports - to not play well or reveal game strategy that allows the other team to win easily


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - give the game away

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I read in the newspaper that our CEO is retiring.

Colleague 2:  That was supposed to be kept a secret. Management was concerned that the upcoming merger would be adversely affected if it was known the CEO was retiring.

Colleague 1:  I wonder who gave the game away?

Colleague 2:  Perhaps a competitor learned of the retirement and revealed the secret to gain a competitive advantage.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - give the game away

Two friends are watching a baseball game ...

Friend 1:  I can't believe that the outfielder missed catching that easy pop fly. With the opposing team losing by one run, his team could have won the game if he had caught the ball.

Friend 2:  Talk about giving away the game. Missing that catch allowed the other team to score two runs and win the game.

to give the game away - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   364   click for frequency by country

to give the game away - Gerund Form:

Giving away the game by telling Joe about his upcoming surprise party did not make Mary very popular.

Giving away the game by allowing an interception in the last five minutes was frustrating.

to give the game away - Examples:

1)  If you keep giving out hints, you'll give the game away.

2)  He was trying to give the game away. The gift lead-off double was much appreciated.

3)  ... means he looks good without seeming like he's trying – although spending upwards of a grand on a denim jacket might give the game away!

4)  The Coyotes seemingly tried to give the game away with four minor penalties in the third period, but goalie Mike Smith's 34 saves helped them ...

5)  We knew that neither team was going to give the game away, and it was going to be a tough battle.

6)  Well, I have to be really careful not to give the game away because we're keeping this secret, but don't think about it in terms of maps, think of it ...

7)  Good old-fashioned non-verbal cues can give the game away to those not part of the in-crowd.

8)  Plus a new kid will follow the offensive game plan to a tee and not give the game away to unnecessary variation. 

9)  ... May's Brexit committee, said a debate in the House of Commons over the terms of UK's departure would give the game away to Brussels.

10)  So I've got two lots of fingers crossed on both hands. But did Kara perhaps give the game away herself after tweeting this on Tuesday?

11)  ... Doug Fister only allowed one run over eight innings, but it was a Steve Cishek who gave the game away with a wild pitch in the tenth inning.

12)  ... with which to evaluate their various schemes. Professor Jonathan Gruber of MIT accidentally gave the game away on tape when he said: ...

13)  But the Stingrays nearly gave the game away in the second period, giving up back-to-back goals to the Gladiators.

14)  He gave the game away when he was asked how he was feeling about taking the ride for a spin, replying: 'I'm frightened to death'. It is not the ...

15)  However, he accidentally gave the game away, but the blonde beauty still "played along" with his romantic gesture. 

16)  John Toomey's third novel concerns the murder of a man's wife. That's not giving the game away as it's mentioned on the book's first page.

17)  Graduation is a film that's difficult to write about without giving the game away, but it's safe to say that it is an expert study of the role and ...

18)  Not giving the game away, the brunette beauty asks her boyfriend: “What happened?” while continuing to giggle at his pain. It seems pranking ...

19)  With only a smoothed front bumper giving the game away, the electric Focus also manages to look virtually identical to its fossil-fuelled brethren ...

20)  ... play, only to fumble it away, possibly giving the game away and ending up on the wrong side of one of those legendary plays.