to give the green light

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - give the green light

"to give the green light"

to give official approval for something to be done


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - give the green light

Two company directors are talking ...

Director 1:  Have you given your approval for that new project to move forward?

Director 2:  Not yet.  The numbers are just not looking that good.  I've asked the team to put in a little more time and come up with a better plan.

Director 1:  Do you suppose that the project will go ahead eventually?

Director 2:  I'll give it the green light when the numbers look favorable.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - give the green light

Two parents are talking about their son Tony ...

Mother:  It looks like Tony has saved up enough money. He has his driver's license and he graduates high school next month. Do you suppose we should give our approval for him to buy his car?

Father:  Well, Tony has been planning to buy a car since he was fourteen. He's been working really hard and I think we should support him.

Mother:  Let's give him the green light at supper tonight.

to give the green light - Usage:


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to give the green light - Gerund Form:

Giving a project the green light, the project will officially commence.

to give the green light - Examples:

1)  The NRL must give the green light to Folau's return to the code before any contract can be ratified.

2)  Mr Clark said Australians would be the big winners should the competition regulator give the green light to Emirates' alliance with Qantas and Virgin Australia's takeover of Skywest and ...

3)  She said the decision to give the green light to progress Crown's proposal to stage two had' no direct bearing ...

4)  The Prime Minister will today give the green light for British officials to advise rebel commanders on the ground for the first time.

5)  Only a director of the provincial ministry in charge of adoption can give the green light to a placement based on the best interests of a child.

6)  ... announced today that the circuit had been given the green light by NASCAR to plan a truck race for next Labour Day weekend.

7)  Cambridge council has given the green light to 16 proposed solar power projects across the city.

8)  U.S. cable network Travel Channel has given the green light to High Noon Entertainment for Trip of a Lifetime, a special starring the ...

9)  Another class-action against Bell in Ontario was given the green light by courts in February.

10)  The Western powers have already given the green light to the Israelis with both the US and Canada stating that they unconditionally support ...

11)  So you are basically giving the green light to everyone to pirate away since it will be impossible for the developer to ...

12)  The central authorities cut down their own budget by giving the green light to the local administrations to levy as much as they liked.

13)  ... 'lacking in heritage and character'. This was a pretext for giving the green light to development.

14)  ... is too fraught with problems, so he announces instead that he is giving the green light for the CIA to help the Syrian Free Army win the civil war.

15)  With the International Cricket Council giving the green light for day-night Tests, floodlight Ranji games would be another way to draw spectators ...

16)  If his doctor gives the green light, he will play a match for Khulna in the NCL.

17)  If the committee gives the green light to a new casino, it will be voted on by city council on ...

18)  This clearly sends the wrong message and gives the green light to clan, tribal and religious leaders to exclude women from the political process.

19)  The market is assuming that this set of statistics gives the green light to deliver a policy easing next week.

20)  Or when a president gives the green light to snipers to take down unarmed demonstrators?