to go ape

Idiom Definition

"to go ape"

to become upset or angry or excited to the point of radical or crazy behavior

Idiom Definition - to go ape


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to go ape

After a two year relationship, Steve has told Barbara that he is gay.  Barbara becomes very upset and starts yelling and screaming incoherently at Steve.  She tells him to get out of their apartment and never come back.  Barbara then begins to gather up Steve's possessions and belongings and proceeds to throw them, one by one, out the window of their apartment.  Barbara is crying.

Would you say that Barbara is going ape?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to go ape

You have just finished a telephone call.  The local radio station called you to tell you that you won tickets to see a concert where your absolute all-time favorite music group will be performing.  The tickets also include a backstage pass and admission to the after-party.  You have loved this band since you can remember.  You have all their CDs.

Do you suppose that you might go ape with excitement?

Sunday Fun Idiom

"to go ape"

Sunday Fun Idiom - go ape

to go ape - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   306   click for frequency by country

to go ape - Gerund Form:

Going ape on your boss might cause your boss to fire you.

to go ape - Examples:

1)  I go ape for pepperoni pizza because I like it so much.

2)  You go ape when someone takes your possessions without asking.

3)  He goes ape when his favorite sports team is playing.

4)  She goes ape when there is a big shoe sale.

5)  The computer goes ape when it has a virus.

6)  We go ape after winning a championship game.

7)  You (all) go ape when the boss fires you.

8)  They go ape when they witness violence against women.

9)  I'd like to see the faculty go ape  when a bunch of white racists hold a pow wow on uni grounds.

10)  Muslims have that same restriction and go ape when they see someone portray Muhammed.

11)  Merle is going to go ape when he sees Rick.

12)  Expect to see those national governments not controlled by the neo-con masters to go ape when their populations face the nightmare of advanced biowar.

13)  People here tend to go ape over their junk food from the junk food aisles and buy bigger BIGGER BIGGER bags.

14)  The men will go ape over you tonight and that is for sure.

15)  It was pretty much go ape but without any of the safety wires.

16)  I stepped between them. This dude was going ape and screamed at me.

17)  Interspersed are clips of a spine-tinglingly terrifying monkey going ape in a cage.

18)  After I said that, he went ape, but I haven't said a word to him ever since.

19)  Needless to say, the owners of the site went ape and started deleting everything over an M (or R) rating.

20)  Just briefly mentioned you guys in my Facebook page and they went ape about it.