to go belly up

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"to go belly up"

to fail, often specifically in reference to a business going bankrupt


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Idiom Definition - go belly up

"to go belly up"

to die;

to cease to function


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - go belly up

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Things are definitely not looking good around here. The company has just not kept up with technological advances and sales have been declining rapidly. I think a disaster is in the making.

Colleague 2: Do you think the company will go belly up?

Colleague 1: With the company hemorrhaging money as it is, it seems inevitable that it will have to declare bankruptcy and go out of business.

Colleague 2: I guess we had better start updating our resumes.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - go belly up

A couple are talking ...

Wife: The washing machine broke down today so I called a repairman.

Husband: And what did he say?

Wife: He said that the washer had gone belly-up and that repairing it was no longer an option.

Husband: Then I suppose we have to buy a new one.

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to go belly up - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   724   click for frequency by country

to go belly up - Gerund Form:

Going belly up, the business was in the middle of filing Chapter 11.

Going belly-up, all the fish in the tank were dying.

to go belly up - Examples:

1)  ... one may prosper and the other may go belly up. You could say that one is making money at the expense of others.

2)  ... generate more income than expenditure to make a profit and survive. Or you go belly up.

3)  An airline company would go belly up in months if they had planes flying with 25% ridership.

4)  ... and you'll quickly find that your fish can go belly up. But it's a very simple really to learn how to take care ...

5)  But if the banking industry was allowed to go belly up, it would affect every business/personal banking transaction within hours/days.

6)  ... the biggest drop comes in the first 5 years, when half of startups go belly up. Still shows the odds are against startups staying in business.

7)  ... have you ever had batteries die on you or have a piece of electronics go belly up?

8)  During peak voting, the system went belly up for a half hour and in other cases it didn't work all day.

9)  Isn't it a coincidence that as soon as the Dubai's economy went belly up because of greedy developers, that oil prices went through the roof?

10)  I had hoped to bake them yesterday and blog today but that all went belly up so it had to be today.

11)  Once global fish stocks collapse, the entire industry goes belly up.

12)  If the owner goes belly up and can't pay their mortgage, that means the bank can come in ...

13)  Make sure you have backups in your control though. If an on-line service goes belly up, you have no guarantee you'll be able to get your stuff back.

14)  You should use the third one to converse with him as if it all goes belly up you can close the Hotmail account in a second.

15)  Yet if the central computer controlling the traffic lights of London goes belly up, an entire city hits gridlock. 

16)  ... technology company in the 1990s, received several patents, and seen his company go belly-up after failed patent litigation.

17)  ... assets to be kept in a separate company just in case the business does go belly-up.

18)  ... all of them aiming to make the community gentrifier-friendly, only to watch it go belly-up in the market, leaving the neighborhood half-gutted.

19)  And no results generally means that eventually, your website will go belly-up.

20)  If those loans go belly-up, kiss that money goodbye.