to go down fighting

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - go down fighting

"to go down fighting"

to continue to make a strong, determined effort even knowing that failure is likely;

to fight until the very end


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - go down fighting

Two business partners are talking ...

Partner 1:  I think we should just declare bankruptcy and close the doors.

Partner 2:  No way! I will not quit without doing everything possible to keep our business running.

Partner 1:  What can you do?

Partner 2:  I can mortgage my house and sell my sports car. I will approach our suppliers and beg for more credit. I will go out and find more customers. I refuse to quit without fighting until it is absolutely over.

Partner 1:  But you could lose everything.

Partner 2:  I would rather go down fighting knowing that I did everything I possibly could.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - go down fighting

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Have you heard about Sam?

Friend 2:  No. What happened?

Friend 1:  As you know, Sam went off to attempt the most difficult climb of his life last week. We just got news that his body was found frozen to the side of the mountain. He continued to try climbing until the bitter end.

Friend 2:  Poor Sam. But good to know that he went down fighting. He never was one to give up on anything.

to go down fighting - Usage:


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to go down fighting - Gerund Form:

Going down fighting is the sign of a true champion.

to go down fighting - Examples:

1)  ... promised his side would go down fighting if this was to be their final involvement in the tournament.

2)  ... its potential and become the nation's next multi-billion-dollar tech company -- or go down fighting in the attempt.

3)  As for me, I prefer to win, or at least go down fighting

4)  ... there are no insurmountable challenges and that he wanted to go down fighting as he ages.

5)  A theory is that certain bacterial species go down fighting, releasing nasty compounds that cause fever, rash and other symptoms.

6)  He would rather go down fighting to the best pitchers than keep picking off the easy ones.

7)  ... always remember that if you're going to fail, fail big and go down fighting

8)  I might get my butt kicked, but I'm going to go down fighting if that happens to me, I can tell you that.

9)  Anyone can go down fighting, it takes true skill, courage and character to fight to stay alive.

10)  ... it's nearly inevitable that you're going to lose, you can go down fighting, or you can adapt.

11)  ... if they go down, they're going down fighting.

12)  ... not be a hit, but, at the very least, it went down fighting for the fences in truly admirable ways. 

13)  ... at least went down fighting and their effort couldn't be faulted, particularly in defence.

14)  ... was never going to leave the US Open without a struggle and went down fighting until the very end, falling 6-3 6-2 3-6 5-7 7-5. 

15)  The anti-legalization side knows he went down fighting in its favor ...

16)  No shame in losing, as long as you went down fighting

17)  ... was unbowed in defeat as he went down fighting.

18)  West concludes his long, non-rapping rant by saying that he'll go down fighting and wants to make a difference.

19)  ... willpower and perseverance, trying to shove just one more bite of a hero into his mouth, doomed to fail but destined to go down fighting.

20)  If you're going to lose, you want to lose to a good team and go down fighting