to go easy

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - go easy

"to go easy"

to act or proceed with caution


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - go easy

A sales supervisor and salesperson are having a meeting ...

Sales supervisor:  Now, this next customer doesn't like to be rushed. They like to take their time, especially on new products. Don't try the hard sell.

Salesperson:  OK.  I'll go easy.

Sales supervisor:  Good idea.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - go easy

Three friends are about to climb a mountain ...

Friend 1:  OK. Let's get going.

Friend 2:  Soon enough. Just remember that it is a long way to the top and requires a lot of stamina.

Friend 1:  OK - and?

Friend 2:  Just remember to go easy at the start and save some energy for the peak.

Friend 1:  Fine. We'll start out slowly.

to go easy - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,181   click for frequency by country

to go easy - Gerund Form:

Going easy at the beginning of a long hike is a good idea.

to go easy - Examples:

1)  No one had to tell federal prosecutors to go easy.

2)  I just remind him to take his meds, watch his diet, and go easy at the gym.

3)  Howard might miss the first few weeks of the season. That Kobe might go easy at times, smartly saving himself for June.

4)  Just remember to go easy -- too much of a breeze will stifle a fire, not supercharge it.

5)  You go easy, get plenty of fluids and continue to acclimatize.

6)  We can afford to go easy, rather than do a pale imitation of Russian imperialism.

7)  The only possible policy for the moment is to go easy and not frighten more people than can be helped

8)  The nurse in me wants to tell you to go easy, take LIFE real slow. Don't be superhuman.

9)  Challenge yourself, but go easy and be careful!

10)  I slip in easy songs between the really difficult songs and go easy at the start of the night.

11)  The entitlement crowd does not go easy though, they still hunger to feed at the taxpayers trough.

12)  Go easy for a bit and then re-develop function and strength with time as pain permits.

13)  Tom, just a minute, we must go easy!

14)  I am just going to go easy this race and just have fun.

15)  The school will not cease to function without you. Look after yourself and go easy.

16)  In the beginning, go easy and find what works and then look to progress.

17)  All you drinkers, go easy, there won't be enough livers to go round!

18)  Expecting a child? Go easy when creating a nursery.

19)  If you want that majority at the next election then go easy. Do the popular thing.

20)  It's all about doing things at your own pace. Go hard. Go easy. It's up to you.