to go flat out

Idiom Definition

"to go flat out"

to work or go as quickly as possible

Idiom Definition - to go flat out


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to go flat out

Two coworkers are talking on a Friday afternoon ...

Worker 1: Have you got that report ready?

Worker 2: Not yet. I'm only about half way through.

Worker 1: It's due on Monday. What are you going to do?

Worker 2:  If I go flat out through the weekend, I can finish the report.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to go flat out

Two friends are driving one friend's new sports car ...

Friend 1: How fast will your new car go?

Friend 2: Flat out, it'll go 230 kilometers an hour.

Friend 1:  Wow! That's fast!

to go flat out - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   126   click for frequency by country

to go flat out - Gerund Form:

Going flat out gets a job done quickly.

to go flat out - Examples:

1)  I chose not to think about that, but to go flat out from the start and hope to make up some places.

2)  Our swimmers aren't able to go flat out twice per day.

3)  I don't understand anything in that paragraph. Why did he have to go flat out if his only objective was survival?

4)  However, it is certainly not a good idea to go flat out the first time you do the descent.

5)  I wish we could see drivers go flat out all the time.

6)  All of them will play 45 minutes so that gives them an opportunity to go flat out.

7)  The opening was fabulous the students all went flat out in getting dressed up, and looked great as a consequence.

8)  Prancing all the way to Rossbeigh Beach, Fox went flat out for the next two miles.

9)  Marc started in third position today and went flat out all through the special.

10)  If you want to do something, you have to go flat out, you can't go halfway, you can't be tentative.

11)  I knew those last three hours I was going to have to go flat out.

12)  When in doubt go flat out', never do it by half, get in there and keep working.

13)  I pay you to go flat out for eight hours a day.

14) Warm up by doing gentle cycling for a couple of minutes, then go flat out for 20 seconds. 

15)  We go flat out all year and we catch up to our summer orders toward winter.

16)  I decided to go flat out from beginning and see how long I can last.

17) You'll finish stronger if we build up our pace through the race rather than go flat out from the gun. 

18) You don't really need to gauge the pace -- just assume they go flat out -- the whole time. 

19)  Drivers provide feedback as to how the car performs and whether they can go flat out at high speed, corners etc.

20)  There were some stretches where we could go flat out, most of the trip was subject to speed limits.