to go hand in hand

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - go hand in hand

"to go hand in hand"

something is closely related to another thing and happens at the same time or as a result of it


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - go hand in hand

Two call center managers are talking ...

Manager 1:  It sure is difficult to find enough people to fill all the positions that the staff vacate.  The average turnover rate is about a month.  Is that normal?

Manager 2:  High turnover rates go hand in hand with managing a call center.

Manager 1:  I suppose it is the nature of the business.


Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - go hand in hand

Two company directors are talking ...

Advertising Director: We absolutely must find better ways for our two departments to work together more efficiently.

Marketing Director:  It would produce better results as our two teams are so closely linked.

Advertising Director:  I agree that advertising and marketing go hand in hand.

to go hand in hand - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   4,874   click for frequency by country

to go hand in hand - Gerund Form:

Going hand in hand, the beaver and the development of Canada need to be in the display.

to go hand in hand - Examples:

1)  ... is likely a lot of overlap, since Social Security and Medicare tend to go hand in hand ...

2)  ... transportation, and number two is buildings, then both of those need to go hand in hand.

3)  Why can't you be more like your sister/brother? Siblings and rivalry go hand in hand.

4)  And it's no coincidence that economic vitality and livability go hand in hand.

5)  I strongly agree with Ingersoll's statement that accountability and power must go hand in hand.

6)  To me, having a good attitude goes hand in hand with having a good work ethic.

7)  Unfortunately abuse of a pet often goes hand in hand with abuse of a spouse and/or children.

8)  In the music fields the crisis of the record industry goes hand in hand with an increased importance of live concerts.

9)  Guys don't understand that attracting women goes hand in hand with a specific lifestyle.

10)  Designing the agenda goes hand in hand with designing the group process.

11)  This rapid expansion went hand in hand with the creation of enormous industrial and financial monopolies.

12)  This regression went hand in hand with an increase in internal and cultural conflict as well as religious extremism.

13)  Control and ownership of time went hand in hand with the appearance of clock-time and the related linear conception of time.

14)  As a young man, poetry prizes and sojourns to Greek islands went hand in hand with an insecure existence and the onset of depression. 

15)  Wherever we look, slavery and plantations went hand in hand.

16)  Politics and religion have always gone hand in hand. One big money making exercise both of them.

17)  The de-proletarianization of the working class has gone hand in hand with the expanding productive capacities of the industrial market-system.

18)  The rise in diabetes has really gone hand in hand with the rise in obesity.

19)  The history of women's struggle for various rights has gone hand in hand with shedding male prescriptions for modesty in female dress.

20)  For the third winter running, the intense cold has gone hand in hand with periods of little or no wind.