to go it alone

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - go it alone

"to go it alone"

to do something by yourself and without help from other people


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - go it alone

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Are you serious? Is there really no other mid-size company like ours willing to partner with us on this amazing opportunity?

Colleague 2: None that I could find.

Colleague 1: I guess we will have to go it alone.

Colleague 2: This is a huge venture with a lost of risk for a company our size. We just may not have the resources to pull it off.

Colleague 1: What choice do we have but to pursue this opportunity on our own?

Colleague 2: Not attempt the venture at all.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - go it alone

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: I heard that you have written a pretty awesome novel. Have you got an agent?

Friend 2: I like to work independently. I think I am going to pursue getting my book published solo.

Friend 1: You are going to go it alone?

Friend 2: Yes. I would like to be in control.

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to go it alone - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,939   click for frequency by country

to go it alone - Gerund Form:

Going it alone because the rest of the climb was too dangerous, he reached the peak alone.

to go it alone - Examples:

1)  Or entering a strategic partnership with Microsoft? Or will Nokia continue to go it alone?

2)  Figure out if you need a literary agent, or want to go it alone

3)  Plus, more and more men are deciding to hire surrogates and go it alone as Single Dads.

4)  ... helping make every play-through a unique and challenging experience, whether players go it alone or connect with up to three friends to launch a cooperative assault.

5)  This is not the time to go it alone. Groups fight zombies better than lone warriors.

6)  The rest of the time I go it alone (when hubby's gone). I had three trips with the babies ...

7)  ... that you establish and nurture a supportive social network: very few can go it alone. You need a safety net during times of stress.

8)  In the event of a personal injury suit, deciding to go it alone can spell disaster for your chances of attaining a reasonable settlement.

9)  You don't have to go it alone -- help is on the way!

10)  ... consulting businesses, is that teams beat individuals every time. Do not go it alone. Find a partner, ally, or network you can work with.

11)  You go ahead and go with the world, and I'll go it alone. I hope I am right.

12)  I was breaking it off. I would go it alone in the future -- no more bank loans, no more equipment leases, ...

13)  But without coalitions, we have to be ready to go it alone, to work to achieve our goals with much less help.

14)  Not self-published. I'm not brave enough to go it alone.

15)  You will get to the place where you no longer desire to "go it alone" -- you will begin to reach out and connect with people who care about you.

16)  See what one Nova Scotia firm did to mitigate the risks of going it alone.

17)  ... and I preferred the safety-in-numbers concept vs. going it alone so early in the game.

18)  The only way to change this is to have more independents, and going it alone is a tough row to hoe and less likely to achieve success, ...

19)  ... cellphone makers are moving toward common mini-USB connectors, Apple still insists on going it alone. Forcing the purchase of new and unique chargers and accessories is bad for consumers.

20)  ... my family and friends. But there are times in life when going it alone isn't an option. This was one of those times.