to go off half cocked

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - half cocked

"to go off half cocked"

to proceed without knowing all the facts and/or without thinking


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - half cocked

A couple are talking ...

Husband:  OK.  We got the bank loan to buy a car.  Let's go.

Wife:  Have you done any research in regards to fuel economy or safety ratings of various cars?

Husband:  No, but I want to buy a car right now.

Wife:  I understand. But if we go off half cocked, we won't have the information we need to make an informed purchase.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - half cocked

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I'm going to quit my job before I get fired.

Friend 2:  How do you know you're going to get fired?

Friend 1:  I heard it from a coworker who heard it from the boss's assistant.

Friend 2:  Seriously? You're going to go off half cocked before you really know all the facts?

to go off half cocked - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   77   click for frequency by country

to go off half cocked - Gerund Form:

Going off half cocked is a good way to get into trouble.

to go off half cocked - Examples:

1)  Before you all go off half cocked won't someone listen to our voice of reason? 

2)  We should wait till we have adequate evidence to make reasonable decisions rather than go off half cocked.

3)  Also, a bit stupid to go off half cocked when you don't even know if Zaan is indeed female or not.

4)  But it's the comments section that is illuminating.. people go off half cocked and read everything into Paul's statement.

5)  Damien Flinter, you blindly go off half cocked inventing monsters and illusions based on false assumptions.

6)  As an intelligent educated man you seek the wisdom of parsimony before you go off half cocked in belief that likely would earn you a mocking?

7)  Climate change is important but we should not go off half cocked.

8)  While this MAY be true, we need proof before we go off half cocked.

9)  I just don't want anyone to get curious and go off half cocked on half prepared information.

10)  Please don't try to abuse them as a drug or go off half cocked after reading this article.

11)  I didn't read the comments thoroughly so I am going off half cocked because I am a troll.

12)  Wouldn't that explain his reaction, going off half cocked, as Truth Seeker so brilliantly describes for us?

13)  Those who don't take the time to get the absolute facts before going off half cocked on a story that feeds their agenda doesn't cut it with the public.

14)  He was always going off half cocked and prematurely.

15)  Read closely and think about what you have read, because going off half cocked makes you sound like a mean spirited jack-ass.

16)  I'm a hothead with Asperger's who so too frequently has gone off half cocked on some rant which hasn't helped any.

17)  All looked shocked and his front bench shifted nervously as the Abbott went off half cocked.

18)  Thanks for that reassurance, seems one of our local councilors went off half cocked and misinformed us as to the details.

19)  El Nose then went off half cocked building a house of cards based on murky reasoning and confused deductions.

20)  She went off half cocked and got herself in legal trouble because of it.