to go over big

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - go over big

"to go over big"

to be successful or well-liked;

to be very much appreciated


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - go over big

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I know you took a chance using a fairly unorthodox presentation style. What was the reaction when you showed it to management?

Colleague 2: Surprisingly, it went over big with the bosses. They really appreciated something different and especially liked how only the most important points were highlighted. In fact, they liked it so much, they are going to issue a memo that everyone adopt the new style.

Colleague 1: Congratulations.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - go over big

Two soccer moms are talking ...

Mom 1: I am on snack preparation duty this week. I am never really sure what to make. I know that the snacks are supposed to be healthy but I also really want the kids to like them.

Mom 2: Here's a recipe for healthy fruit and cheese kebabs that always goes over big with kids. They always gobble them up and ask for more. Even the other mothers approve because they are not junk food.

Mom 1: Thanks. I'll try them.

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to go over big - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   47   click for frequency by country

to go over big - Gerund Form:

Going over big with management, her presentation caused a lot of talk.

to go over big - Examples:

1)  I never went over very big in Baltimore, you know -- the family failure. 

2)  Two Jews were fighting over a penny. Ha ha, I bet that went over big in Germany seventy or eighty years ago. 

3)  ... the new name for Rough Riders. Jeff Hunt wants a name that will go over big with today's youth. What do today's youth like?

4)  ... upset I was about yarn and the whole Yarn Harlot thing might not have gone over very big either. It will be fixed tomorrow.

5)  I really don't see Bluebird as going over that big because Amex isn't accepted at the smaller places.

6)  This went over big with security, and somewhat mollified their anger at my having climbed a ladder ...

7)  Your disingenuous Obama attacks disguised as innocent questions would go over big during Hannity's show.

8)  ... to say something that many people love in an age where books are not going over big has no value except to laugh at. 

9)  ... liberal understanding of the role of the laity in the church din not go over big with the Church authorities, and Newman remained under a cloud of Vatican suspicion for ...

10)  ... and if that doesn't go over big with the crowd then I move in a new direction.

11)  ... but spending $4.5 Billion and still needing buses everywhere isn't going to go over big with tax payers either. 

12)  His decision to ditch post secondary education didn't go over big with his parents. Still, he doesn't regret the decision. 

13)  ... closing the doors on a traditional business day may not go over big with customers

14)  This didn't go over big with me. For whatever reason, her response activated the hissy fit that was ...

15)  Therefore, good news about the enhancement pack would likely go over big with the Sapphire crowd. 

16)  It could get some wrong ideas, but I think that it would go over big with a lot more critics and analyzers because it could be relatable to real life.

17)  This doesn't go over big with Tyrone and he wonders if what he says even counts for anything anymore.

18)  A black comedy about the end times was never going to go over big with people looking for escapism in these dark recession drenched times.

19)  We're loudmouthed and raucous but that seems to go over big with the young folks.

20)  The revelation of Frodo, his burden and the quest, doesn't go over big with Denethor, and neither should the fact that Gandalf was basically hiding it from ...