to go over

Idiom Definition

"to go over"

to review, check or discuss something carefully

Idiom Definition - to go over


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to go over

Two accountants are talking ...

Accountant 1: Have you finished that audit report?

Accountant 2: Yes, I have.  I need to ensure that it is all correct before submitting it.

Accountant 1: Do you want me to go over it for you?

Accountant 2: That would be great.  That way I can feel confident that the report has been carefully checked before it is submitted.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to go over

Two students are talking ...

Student 1: What is your usual method for writing exams?

Student 2: I write the exam and then go back to the beginning and go over it thoroughly.

Student 1: Is that so that you find any mistakes you may have made?

Student 2: Yes.

to go over - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   23,561   click for frequency by country

to go over - Gerund Form:

Going over important documents before signing them is very important.

to go over - Examples:

1)  Maybe block out time at the end of each day to go over some things that you see he can work on to improve his friendships.

2)  The idea seems weird at fist, but it can be very helpful to go over your visit with an attending.

3)  It is a very good idea to go over your lines and keep mulling them over in your mind.

4)  OK, the last two functions we're going to go over have to do with how you access data in the database.

5)  Potential partners may want to consider taking a two- or three-day retreat together to go over their individual expectations for the business and partnership.

6)  The doctor was able to go over the list of antibiotics I should avoid and choose an appropriate one for me.

7)  The test engineers had to go over the engines very carefully before running tests.

8)  I like to host workshops after the first few weeks in order to go over what technology we will use in the classroom.

9)  Now is probably an appropriate time to go over rules and discuss sensible things.

10)  I'm going to go over some causes and treatments for non-heart chest pain. 

11)  Schedule regular times to go over the household finances.

12)  A media representative will generally contact you to go over more details and/or to make travel arrangements.

13)  I'm not going to go over the same ground as the other reviewers.

14)  Don't try to get professors to change your grade. But ask them to go over the exam with you.

15)  Anyway, this week I decided to go over what I have learned.

16)  Do musicians have any time during the day to go over charts?

17)  I don't need to go over the statistics.

18)  Ask your doctor to go over all of your drugs and supplements, including vitamins and herbal medicines.

19)  We plan to go over the details of the case in the next several days.

20)  One of the comments was that they wished they had a few hours to go over many more changes, but chose only a few.