to go overboard

Idiom Definition

"to go overboard"

to do something in an extreme or exaggerated way

Idiom Definition - to go overboard


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to go overboard

It is minutes before a birthday party will start. In one corner of a big backyard is an inflatable play structure. In another corner is a performing clown. In yet another corner is a magician. In the last corner is a face painting booth. In the centre of the yard, there is a pony ride area.

Mother:  I think we are ready for the party.

Friend:   Do you think you have gone a little overboard with all this?

Mother:  It is my daughter's fourth birthday and I want it to be special.

Friend:   I am sure your daughter would be happy with just a cake and her friends.  Don't you think she may be overwhelmed by all this?

Mother:  Well, I suppose I may have gone a little overboard.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to go overboard

A new employee has put a group of products in the wrong place in a warehouse.

Boss:  Where did you put those items?  We couldn't find them and needed to ship a rush order.  As a result, the customer took their business elsewhere and we lost the sale.

Worker:  Sorry boss.

Boss:  There's simply no excuse for your ineptitude.  Are you stupid?  Did you take drugs?  Is there something wrong with your brain?

Worker:  It was an honest mistake.  I was trying my best.

Boss:  Your best isn't good enough.  You're fired!

Do you think the boss's reaction was a little overboard?

to go overboard - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,151   click for frequency by country

to go overboard - Gerund Form:

Going overboard could cause a negative reaction.

to go overboard - Examples:

1)  I go overboard when I buy five boxes of chocolates for my mother.

2)  You go overboard when you want to change your wardrobe and you throw away all your clothes.

3)  He goes overboard when he buys ten cases of beer for the Friday night football game.

4)  She goes overboard when she buys eight new pairs of shoes.

5)  The company goes overboard when it drastically reduces its prices in response to small threat from a competitor.

6)  We go overboard when we have a huge celebration when we win a normal game.

7)  You (all) go overboard when you (all) dye your hair purple.

8)  They go overboard when they buy each other very expensive gifts for their birthdays.

9)  I normally don't go overboard with the whole "the movie vs. the book" argument

10)  No need to go overboard with complex navigation link structures.

11)  I'll admit I have a tendency to go overboard when it comes to time travel stories.

12)  Usually, I don't go overboard on holiday decorating.

13)  I tend to go overboard, though, and interpret neutral or ambiguous behaviors as negative.

14)  Don't go overboard with the crunches. Your body will tell you when you need to rest.

15)  Don't go overboard with your humor. Forced and awkward humour isn't going to be much fun.

16)  In Lubchenco's universe there is apparently no danger of scientists going overboard, of unconsciously biasing their research. 

17)  Cole went overboard with his comments, no question.

18)  I'm wondering if I'm going overboard or if this is "normal".

19)  Many of the women went overboard with their facial alterations. Some DO look scary.

20)  And while I believe this bill went overboard with regulation, I also believe boundaries are needed.