to go through hell

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - go through hell

"to go through hell"

to have a very unpleasant experience


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - go through hell

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Did the boss like your report?

Colleague 2:  I spent three weeks working overtime every night.  I worked at home on the weekends.  I had to gain the cooperation of three different departments to get the information to put in the report and the boss just rejected it without a word.

Colleague 1:  It sure is disappointing when you go through hell to get something done and then there is no reward.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - go through hell

Two athletes are talking ...

Athlete 1:  How was your off-season?

Athlete 2:  Terrible. I went through hell.

Athlete 1:  What happened?

Athlete 2:  The coach decided that the off-season was a good time to have surgery to repair my ACL. The recovery was extremely painful and then because time was limited, physiotherapy was condensed into six weeks.  It was three hours of very painful physio every day.

Athlete 1:  You suffered a lot but it worked and here you are back and ready for another season.

to go through hell - Usage:


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to go through hell - Gerund Form:

Going through hell to achieve your goals is often what is required.

to go through hell - Examples:

1)  ... some pretty bad times by the sounds of it, and must be going through hell (and some pretty confused feelings herself) trying to care for her dying Mother ...

2)  ... smoker who smoked a pack of 50 a day suddenly withdrawing, and going through hell!

3)  But not, however, without deep personal costs. After going through hell, he resigned from the Marines.

4)  After going through hell, I felt so happy.

5)  As I've said here before some of my own family members are going through hell because of the crisis and I wish that we Irish did not have to suffer ...

6)  I have watched my farming parents go through hell with drought, get ripped off by the grain trade, ripped off by the ...

7)  And they have to go through hell -- real hell -- before they're willing/able to see it.

8)  Bipolar suffers go through hell and it can drive them to despair and suicide.

9)  ... difference between a man and a coward.   A real man will go through hell to clear his name.

10)  When we train, we go through Hell, which we love, but that's the sport.

11)  My skin has gone through hell this past summer! I was working on a construction sites -- a major office ...

12)  Staff have just gone through hell, being responsible for completing the kids course work to a deadline.

13)  Consequently, just like you and other ordinary Tamils, all Sinhalese have gone through hell for the fear that their loved ones who are away from home could be killed ...

14)  This family has gone through hell. For a family of three living on 21k a year is below the poverty ...

15)  ... don't think anyone isn't admiring his resiliency or that he's gone through hell in terms of coaching over the years.

16)  ... that no matter what I tried I had no milk. I literally went through hell thinking it was all my fault that I couldn't produce enough milk.

17)  What can you expect from a person who went through hell several times, only to tell the world his first-hand account of war crimes.

18)  My husband couldn't leave me alone 24/7 and went through hell with me. BUT I RECOVERED. I got my life back and became happy ...

19)  I took various benzodiazepines for around 18 years and went through hell eventually getting off them.

20)  Just real people who went through hell and lived to tell the tale.