to go to pot

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - go to pot

"to go to pot"

to fall into disrepair;

to deteriorate from lack of attention


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - go to pot

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: We are going to have some severe issues regarding storage soon.

Colleague 2: What about using the old warehouse?

Colleague 1: It has been in disuse for over ten years. It has gone to pot.

Colleague 2: What would be required to bring it back to usable?

Colleague 1: Well, the roof is leaking, the paint is peeling both on the interior and exterior and the place has become infested with mice.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - go to pot

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: I saw Fred the other day.

Friend 2: I haven't seen Fred in years. How's he doing?

Friend 1: Not very well by the look of him. He has let himself go to pot. He must be fifty pounds overweight. He was dressed like a slob. He was unshaven and his hair really needed cutting.

Friend 2: That's too bad. I wonder what happened to Fred?

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to go to pot - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   212   click for frequency by country

to go to pot - Gerund Form:

Going to pot, the vacant building's roof was almost collapsing.

to go to pot - Examples:

1)  This is simply blind faith gone to pot! A statement based on wishful thinking without any proof and contrary to all ...

2)  ... conversation which turns menswear into a forum for mockery: those that have gone to pot are scorned for the inadequacies of their appearance, ...

3)  Shell-shocked ex-secret-agent, a tough man gone to pot, broken by a mysterious past tragedy, ...

4)  ... buying farmland gone to pot -- abandoned because the growing season is too short in its region.

5)  Florida investors purchased houses in Louisiana. Gone to pot

6)  ... feels like an exurban neighborhood rocked by a housing crisis. Yards gone to pot. Rusting bikes in the front yard. Tattered flags. 

7)  Biden is ready to be put out to pasture. He's gone to pot

8)  ... place that was once such a bustling center of activity after it has gone to pot, a specific feeling of lack that imbibes the place with an eerie glow.

9)  ... my weight makes me look like a middle aged 'has been rapidly going to pot'. It has to.

10)  If we are conscious of the danger of going to pot, we can resort to countervailing measures. At almost any age.

11)  ... was Mary Queen of Scots. If ever there was a woman who went to pot for want of meeting any sort of man who was anything like her equal, ...

12)  he'd been a well known boxer in Keighworth, but he went to pot later on in life and took to the booze.

13)  The fort went to pot a bit under British rule, especially after the capital was moved to Accra, ...

14)  ... but then he mentions Obama's election and says everything went to pot after that.

15)  Love them completely and let them love you. If it all goes to pot, it's going to hurt either way. 

16)  My education plan has gone to pot and I am starting to get worse again just as I was about to have ...

17)  Your debating technique has gone to pot and you are unable to even get a name right. 

18)  Creatively they've gone to pot: the programmes either don't pull in viewers or don't fulfill their ...

19)  My husband has been fantastic but the house has gone to pot!

20)  of sticking to a budget but within a few weeks it has all gone to pot. I am hoping that in the New Year we can make a better start.