to go to the dogs

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - go to the dogs

"to go to the dogs"

to not be as good at it was in the past;

to go to ruin;

to degenerate


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - go to the dogs

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How was your vacation?

Friend 2:  It was great except for the hotel.

Friend 1:  The last time I stayed at that hotel, it was great.  It was very clean and well maintained.

Friend 2:  Well, it is now dirty and there are holes in the walls and the elevators didn't work.

Friend 1:  That's so sad that that hotel has gone to the dogs like that.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - go to the dogs

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Have you seen Roger since he lost his job?

Friend 2:  I saw him last week. He looked terrible. He was unshaven and overweight and he looked like he hadn't moved in a week.

Friend 1:  It's too bad that Roger took the job loss so hard.  I suppose any one of us could go to the dogs in the same situation.

to go to the dogs - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   567   click for frequency by country

to go to the dogs - Gerund Form:

Going to the dogs can be avoided with proper maintenance.

to go to the dogs - Examples:

1)  The conclusion is that we are going to the dogs, all of us doomed.

2)  This train service is going to the dogs. The trains are always late. The seats are uncomfortable and the fares are ...

3)  It's an area which is sadly going to the dogs in these days of families not eating together or cooking from scratch on a regular ...

4)  Each generation thinks the one coming behind it is going to the dogs. For my parents it was rock music and hippies.

5)  I predict a very gloomy future. Our country is going to the dogs!

6)  ... being sick as a dog and as a result our apartment has gone to the dogs.

7)  Once upon a time conservatives lamented the way the world had gone to the dogs since the golden age ...

8)  Our business has gone to the dogs. To survive we have to work day and night.

9)  Democracy and the law have both gone to the dogs. The law today is used according to how the politicians want it used.

10)  In all other areas however the show has gone to the dogs and you have to look no further than Chris Carter's horrendous script.

11)  ... billions on prestige military programmes, but allows its basic infrastructure to go to the dogs.

12)  Quality will go to the dogs, cry teachers. The recent government guidelines banning punishment in any form in schools ...

13)  The world at large is guilty of having let Somalia go to the dogs all these years.

14)  If the neighborhood goes to the dogs, if rot is discovered in the walls, if my income nose-dives, I ...

15)  ... serving the people to recovering their investments as the country's economy goes to the dogs, soaring inflation, millions of jobless men and women ...

16)  Like I said, if our political system goes to the dogs it'll be because the average person let it.

17)  If the presidential election goes to the dogs, John McCain is looking like best in show.

18)  This morning started off not bad but went to the dogs fairly quickly.

19)  ... the runaway wife kept things together so long, and that matters went to the dogs completely when she vanished, proves that she must have possessed a number of fine ...

20)  ... for individuals and serving only the interests of the elite, security went to the dogs where it is now irretrievable.