golden boy

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Idiom Definition - golden boy

"golden boy"

a successful man that a lot of people like and admire


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - golden boy

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Brian sure seems to get preferential treatment around here. The mail room always delivers his mail first. He seems to get first choice on all new accounts. He even has the best office.

Colleague 2:  Well, Brian is the top performer.  He is also very good looking and personable.  Is it any wonder that he is the golden boy of the office?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - golden boy

A brother and sister are talking about their other brother ...

Sister:  It's like Jake can do no wrong. If you or I bring home a poor report card, Dad grounds us for a week. If Jake brings home a poor report card, nothing happens. Remember last week when Jake broke the living room window with his football? Dad just said that it was youthful exuberance.

Brother:  Jake has always been Dad's golden boy.

golden boy - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   956   click for frequency by country

golden boy - Gerund Form:

Being the golden boy comes with receiving a lot of attention.

golden boy - Examples:

1)  ... sit down and tell me that I had been passed over in favor of golden boy because he was male.

2)  My father's parents played favorites; he was their golden boy, their favorite, who could do no wrong.

3)  ... but you just wouldn't listen to any criticism or questions about your golden boy.

4)  Blago will see to it that if he's going down, your golden boy Obama will go with him.

5)  In the final days of a campaign that has taken the shine off his " golden boy " status, Ryan was going all-in on the Republican ticket's biggest lie ...

6)  At one time (20 yrs ago?) they thought he was the golden boy, but soon dropped him like a hot potato. 

7)  Of course a few months later he was our golden boy, the guy that had made the big sale that was going to save ...

8)  ... the proverbial golden boy turning ugly under an angelic, albeit increasingly arrogant exterior.

9)  Nathan Scott, the golden boy and heavily praised rookie NBA superstar, first round draft pick out of Duke ...

10)  The golden boy's halo has been fairly well tarnished by now.

11)  Mittens is a smooth-talking golden boy, who never had to work a day in his life, who ships ...

12)  Levi Sampson has once again gotten his golden boy image to shine a bit more.

13)  ... because he was dad's golden boy, he could do no wrong.

14)  The Devil Rays organization grew concerned when they saw their golden boy prospect suddenly scarred by permanent ink stains etched into his skin.

15)  My golden boy has been a regular blood donor for almost 10 years now.

16)  ... their silver-tongued golden boy, who was used to rubbing shoulders with the Queen at Royal Ascot every ...

17)  Was it down to Yamaha giving their attention to their new golden boy in Lorenzo?

18)  He's Britain's golden boy and it's safe to say that we all flick through the magazines in ...

19)  Rupert Penry-Jones proves once again that he can take the posh, handsome golden boy template and deliver a truly nuanced and different dramatic portrayal every time.

20)  He has made the round trip from showbiz golden boy to pariah to national treasure in the record time of five years.