to greenlight

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - to greenlight

"to greenlight"

to give official approval for something to be done


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to greenlight

Two company directors are talking ...

Director 1:  Have you received approval for that new project to move forward?

Director 2:  Not yet.  The numbers are just not looking that good.  I've asked my team to put in a little more time and come up with a better plan.

Director 1:  Do you suppose that the project will go ahead eventually?

Director 2:  It will be greenlit when the numbers look more favorable.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to greenlight

Two parents are talking about their son Tony ...

Mother:  It looks like Tony has saved up enough money. He has his driver's license and he graduates high school next month. Do you suppose we should give our approval for him to buy his car?

Father:  Well, Tony has been planning to buy a car since he was fourteen. He's been working really hard and I think we should support him.

Mother:  Let's greenlight his car purchase at supper tonight.

to greenlight - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   779   click for frequency by country

to greenlight - Gerund Form:

Greenlighting a project means it will move forward.

to greenlight - Examples:

1)  Reagan allowed Alexander Haig to greenlight the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, fired him when that went too far ...

2)  ... was about to get the greenlight when the American economy fell apart, and his dream project was stalled.

3)  ... there was simply no way Warner Bros. was going to greenlight this script, as it would have been impossible to market it to the ...

4)  TV execs had told creator Ryan Murphy he had the greenlight for season 3 of Popular, which is why the season 2 season finale was ...

5)  Process that follows after a script has been developed and moves into production - greenlight -- the go-ahead for a film to be made.

6)  ... cover up the affairs of the guy at he top of the CIA who couldn't greenlight a rescue mission for his people trapped at a burning Benghazi embassy because he was ...

7)  Toro left the project when it didn't look like it would ever get a greenlight.

8)  The notion that the decision to greenlight the risky raid was made by anyone other than Obama is just plain silly.

9)  ... but the ones who do go ahead and sign-up have by definition given you the greenlight to proceed according to schedule.

10)  3 isn't a done deal. Lionsgate hasn't given the third film a greenlight, but the studio will most likely continue the franchise if the upcoming sequel dominates.

11)  It took guts to greenlight this rescue mission, and through no fault of Carters, it failed.

12)  Stratos mission support staff appear to be eagerly awaiting a greenlight in Roswell, New Mexico for tomorrow morning.

13)  ... CBC had made the decision to greenlight a 2nd season of Heartland, so that cliffhanger ending was included.

14)  I think it's just not got the interest from the higher ups that could greenlight it into production.

15)  Happily, they liked the idea and gave me an immediate greenlight.

16)  ... when Romney mentions his intentions to open up most federal lands to oil exploration and greenlight the Keystone Pipeline.

17)  You could replace "greenlight committees" with a chimpanzee who throws darts at a big board of franchise properties.

18)  Facebook employees finally got the greenlight to cash in some of their stock on Monday as the 'lock-up' on ...

19)  It frequently feels that publishers are clutching at straws when they greenlight books about the memories of the guy who cut the lawn for Dwight Frye's ...

20)  ... a month for you to voice your opposition to the NSW Government's plan to greenlight the destruction of the state's little remaining remnant bushland.