to grin and bear it

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - grin and bear it

"to grin and bear it"

to accept an unpleasant or difficult situation, that cannot be changed, with good humor


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - grin and bear it

A couple are walking in the park ...

Girlfriend:  Oh my. What are we going to do? It is starting to rain heavily and we are at least a kilometer away from shelter.

Boyfriend:  What can we do but grin and bear it?

Girlfriend:  Yes. Let's keep our good humor and wait for the rain to stop.

Boyfriend:  Come a little closer under the umbrella.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - grin and bear it

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Gordon sure likes to act bravely.

Friend 2:  He only broke his leg the day before yesterday and here he is moving around.

Friend 1:  Gordon does like to keep busy and he can't "un-break his leg so I guess he has decided to just grin and bear it.

Friend 2:  Sure looks painful, though.

to grin and bear it - Usage:


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to grin and bear it - Gerund Form:

Grinning and bearing the occasional outburst from the boss shows good character.

to grin and bear it - Examples:

1)  ... because of my misery, he was too. We agreed to grin and bear it for the kids.

2)  And all I can say to them is to grin and bear it. Other families have to choose who eats.

3)  ... social media that could never pass for hard news, well, let us just grin and bear it.

4)  Doherty is going to have to just grin and bear it - not react.

5)  ... and if it's one or two degrees below zero overnight, they'll grin and bear it. But I cover mine with a blanket if the temperature is ...

6)  In the meantime, passengers will continue to grin and bear it while LRT-1, LRT-2, and MRT-3 continue to bog down in ...

7)  Successive Dublin managers have had to grin and bear it as they listened to nationwide accusations that the city team have ...

8)  Or maybe they do, but are forced to grin and bear it for fear of being seen as spoilsports or stick-in-the-muds.

9)  ... but he never really stopped talking about it. I tried to grin and bear it in the name of letting him express what he seemed to feel ...

10)  ... power crisis, but it won't be long before the public will cease to grin and bear it. So, before they turn their wrath on a government ...

11)  ... trained to view painful periods as the lot of women who should learn to grin and bear it.

12)  These projects are worth it. We just have to grin and bear it while they're underway.

13)  What are we to do? Well, we have to grin and bear it! Patience. Patience. Patience.

14)  ... suggesting that when faced with shoddy service the British are still too willing to just grin and bear it

15)  So they have to grin and bear it even if it is something they don't like.

16)  Older audiences are less well served; they'll just have to grin and bear it.

17)  Sometimes for a peaceful life you either keep your distance or grin and bear it,

18)  ... they'll have to grin and bear it, and wait for the trees to grow.

19)  While some people grin and bear it, others might feel the need to rant about their less than ...

20)  ... like you enjoy talking about the weather or their creaking hip, but you'll grin and bear it -- at least until the wine glass is empty.