to grind to a standstill

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - grind to a standstill

"to grind to a standstill"

to gradually slow down and then stop


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - grind to a standstill

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  This transportation workers' strike is going to be a major problem. As raw materials are depleted, without any incoming stock, more and more production lines will go off-line. Total production will slow down.

Colleague 2:  I agree. And if the strike continues, at some point production will stop altogether.

Colleague 1:  And when production grinds to a standstill, we will be in big trouble.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - grind to a standstill

A couple are talking on their mobile phones ...

Wife:  Where are you? I've been sitting waiting in the restaurant for almost an hour now.

Husband:  Sorry. I'm stuck in traffic.

Wife:  What happened?

Husband:  There must be an accident up ahead somewhere because traffic started slowing down about ten blocks back and then just got slower and slower and now it has ground to a standstill. Traffic is not moving at all.

to grind to a standstill - Usage:


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to grind to a standstill - Gerund Form:

Grinding to a standstill, traffic slowed down to a crawl for twenty blocks and then finally stopped.

to grind to a standstill - Examples:

1)  If you have ground to a standstill or are having trouble getting started first thing in the morning, ...

2)  The plant was forced to cease production and shipments of finished fencing slowly ground to a standstill

3)  ... meaning workers refused to pass the picket and services ground to a standstill.

4)  ... school bus drivers will not take a decision until later this week. Services ground to a standstill on Friday as the 2,600-strong workforce mounted an indefinite all-out strike.

5)  ... and the healthcare system has ground to a standstill due to lack of medical supplies.

6)  At a certain point, my acting career ground to a standstill because I was no longer the cute little boy.

7)  Judicial processes have ground to a standstill, and the total prison population has increased 10 per cent in ...

8)  ... to return to help him win the upcoming election, restarting a campaign that had ground to a standstill.

9)  ... it was hard not to sense deep disapproval and things somehow ground to a standstill between us.

10)  Union representatives say more than 1,500 workers have been sent home, work has ground to a standstill, and unprocessed ore has begun to pile up.

11)  When government agencies want to fight such investors, then the economy will grind to a standstill.

12)  ... warned large infrastructure project could grind to a standstill unless agreements were put in place to ensure free movement of labour ...

13)  The alternative was catastrophe. Cash machines would stop working, trade would grind to a standstill, and output would collapse.

14)  When business critical applications become unavailable, operations and productivity grind to a standstill.

15)  When the saw goes down, downstream productivity and the department's billable hours can grind to a standstill -- not good for work flow, the customers' deadlines, ...

16)  ... it takes is one little bug to bring an entire system of state-of-the-art industrial machinery grinding to a standstill.

17)  The House passed only three bills all day, grinding to a standstill due to a protest from a handful of far-right Republicans who demanded ...

18)  Large parts of the Malaysian economy are just grinding to a standstill. When the businesses close, hundreds and thousands of people lose ...

19)  However, a less dramatic event could bring Parliament grinding to a standstill -- a breakdown in drainage.

20)  Trading is slowly grinding to a standstill ahead of the upcoming Christmas break and we expect more of the ...