to grouse about

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - grouse about

"to grouse about"

to complain about


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - grouse about

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: What is Nancy grousing about now?

Colleague 2: She is complaining that she was given another report to finish before the end of the day.

Colleague 1: Well, that is part of the job. No sense complaining.

Colleague 2: You know Nancy. She is always complaining about something.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - grouse about

A couple are talking ...

Husband: The state of the public transportation system in this city is terrible. The buses are never on time and when you do finally get on one, it is crowded and dirty.

Wife: You grouse about the buses every day when you get home from work. Why not drive the car to work?

Husband: Because then I would come home and complain about the traffic instead.

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to grouse about - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   67   click for frequency by country

to grouse about - Gerund Form:

Grousing about having to work too hard can be irritating to listen to.

to grouse about - Examples:

1)  Are there guys who seem likely to grouse about their minutes being cut?

2)  ... your Twitter feed and any number of audiophile bulletin boards to bitch and complain and grouse about how they substituted the mono version of ...

3)  Tech support is something that AWS customers and competitors alike grouse about.

4)  Going to skip all of the philosophical and scientific debate - just going to grouse about the fact that every page says 'click Continue', ...

5)  While angry tweeters have taken to -- yes, Twitter -- to grouse about spoilers, ...

6)  First I shall grouse about the Grataien. It is really irritating not to be able to read the ...

7)  Don't believe everything I grouse about here or get angry with me because what I say upsets your long-held beliefs ...

8)  Dr Sen's other grouse about the class bias in Indian newsrooms is valid but again unexceptional.

9)  All I did when I was in Pakistan was to grouse about power and gas outages. 

10)  It was light, accurate, and blissfully devoid of the electronic disconnect which reviewers grouse about in modern cars.

11)  And because they have access, they can go into this chat and they can grouse about how they hate something so much and that's cool ...

12)  The cramped living space also causes some voices to grouse about the lack of a conducive study environment for children living in IRH flats.

13)  My sole grouse about Elementary: the honestly inappropriate casting of Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson.

14)  Sure... they grouse about the wife, they complain about the increased living expenses, they rant about ...

15)  So many of us grouse about not getting enough time to exercise every day?

16)  So many of us grouse about not getting enough time to exercise every day?

17)  Tom Surtees is tired of hearing employers grouse about their lazy countrymen.

18)  Hollins became one of the first NBA players to grouse about his contract to a newspaper, pointing out the injustice of being vastly underpaid.

19)  You make similar points and then complain I don't get it. Then you grouse about stupid things other Pro-Lifers say.

20)  Marcello, for his part, grouses about not getting the best table in the club's VIP lounge.