to ham it up

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - ham it up

"to ham it up"

to show expressions or emotions more obviously than is realistic;

to act like a clown


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - ham it up

A mother and son are talking ...

Son:  Is Uncle Ted going to be babysitting me tonight?

Mother:  Yes. Why do you ask?

Son:  Uncle Ted tells such good stories and he always uses the best expressions and voices.

Mother:  Your Uncle Ted does love to ham it up.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - ham it up

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Andrew has handed in his resignation.

Colleague 2:  Oh, that is too bad. I will hate to see him go. He is always so much fun around the office.

Colleague 1:  He does love to joke around.

Colleague 2:  I really enjoy it when he hams it up.

to ham it up - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   259   click for frequency by country

to ham it up - Gerund Form:

Hamming it up in class is not a great way to earn the respect of your teacher.

to ham it up - Examples:

1)  ... hamming it up with a devil-may-care grin while waving an over-sized NERF gun about shamelessly.

2)  McCartney also posted that iconic photo of his renowned foursome meeting Ali and hamming it up for the cameras back in 1964.

3)  And then there's Jesse Eisenberg, hamming it up to ghastly effect as the demented Mr Luthor, twitching wildly and overacting ...

4)  The lively trio were prone to hamming it up too, prancing around the stage or joining King in executing synchronised dance ...

5)  He is not setting out a policy platform to improve government. He is hamming it up for the cheap seats, playing for applause.

6)  ... or maybe he decided to ham it up. I'm not saying slapping someone is justified, but I get ...

7)  While Gosling flounders in his attempt to ham it up for some slapstick laughs, ...

8)  When they saw me taking photos, they started to ham it up. Mischief is written all over their faces.

9)  ... decides to really ham it up and have some fun with her character, strange foreign accent and all.

10)  They ham it up to such campy effect that you can not help but chuckle at their ...

11)  At the Grand Canyon, they hammed it up for the camera, did hand-stands on the edge of perilous cliffs and ...

12)  ... but I'm sure he hammed it up and made a dramatic scene out of how tough it was for him ...

13)  Nestor hammed it up every time he won, gushing excitedly to the slot workers.

14)  ... who hammed it up by keeping a straight face as Strahan kidded him for never showing emotion ...

15)  He constantly hammed it up for TV cameras while wearing colorful, traditional hats from various regions, ...

16)  Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan hams it up while wearing an Ottawa Senators camouflage jersey prior to the start of an ...

17)  You can't help but love the way he subtly hams it up and inserts small amounts of camp into his delivery.

18)  ... hams it up a lot of the time, pretending to be on the verge of tears.

19)  Harrison Ford hams it up as a Colonel overseeing a bunch of tiresome academy brats in this ...

20)  He hams it up, double fist-pumping in front of fans before an opponent had been kicked ...