to hammer home

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - hammer home

"to hammer home"

to make certain that something is understood by expressing it clearly, forcefully and repeatedly


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - hammer home

A manager is conducting a meeting ...

Manager:  It is of the utmost importance that we do not create any more expenditures at this time. The company is experiencing a slow period and spending money is simple not an option at this time. Again, no more expenditures until further notice.

Worker 1:  Did you understand the boss clearly?

Manager:  If you create any expenditure whatsoever, you will be fired.

Worker 2:  Yes, I understand completely now that the boss has hammered his message home.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - hammer home

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I am really sorry about your wife's recent death. How are you coping?

Friend 2:  I often think that I am doing OK. I do my chores around the house and am feeling pretty good but then I will call out to my wife with some question, forgetting that she is gone, and when I receive no reply, it really hammers home that she's really dead. Then I am sad and morose for a time.

to hammer home - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   670   click for frequency by country

to hammer home - Gerund Form:

Hammering home the need for reform, the report highlighted four instances of undeniable statistical proof.

to hammer home - Examples:

1)  ... English was not elegant, but he could communicate enough effectively to hammer home his point. 

2)  ... to our unsympathetic friend and used a mixture of hand gestures and shaky French to hammer home the point that our afflictions were indeed caused by critters residing in our hotel.

3)  ... when they first set sight on his skin and bones appearance to really hammer home the struggles his character faced.

4)  We can work together and take the best advantage from this. We can hammer home that we have the best asparagus in the world.

5)  It covers death, grieving and mental illness, but it doesn't quite hammer home these issues where needed. It could've delivered a really crucial emotional edge ...

6)  This one hammered home, time and again, how little social progress has truly been made since ...

7)  Had hammered home the message that the remaining two festive games were huge and the response could ...

8)  Snapchat made the list last year at number five but has really hammered home its dominance by jumping over stalwarts like Facebook's Messenger app.

9)  In a powerful speech to the CBI yesterday, the Prime Minister hammered home her commitment to guiding British business through the uncertainties of Brexit.

10)  The reality of the quake will again be hammered home to central Wellington workers, with thousands unable to work from their office buildings.

11)  ... reiterates the sentiment the developers at all three studios have been hammering home this entire article: ...

12)  ... to be role models, not just throughout their sporting careers, but afterwards, hammering home the message that activity is good.

13)  ... of the tough economic conditions to capture market share. There is nothing quite like hammering home an advantage, when you have one.

14)  ... is now hammering home the message with its new brand campaign, launching today, which includes new ...

15)  ... valuable airtime in hammering home her final messages and has taken away the media blowtorch from a ...

16)  He hammers home the point by going over time himself, and comparing rent capped rates globally ...

17)  ... shape and demonstrating to her father why his insular thinking is dooming their tribe only hammers home the message.

18)  Appreciating the mania surrounding the band on such a large scale really hammers home the gravitas of The Beatles' fame. 

19)  A post-credits crawl hammers home how vital the actions of these men were to the war effort.

20)  Its lyrics are nakedly personal and its artwork hammers home the theme: she is shown with an open wound Photoshopped over her heart.