to hammer out a deal

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - hammer out a deal

"to hammer out a deal"

to reach an agreement or solution after a lot of argument or discussion


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - hammer out a deal

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  How are the negotiations going?

Colleague 2:  We still have a long way to go to reach an agreement. There are some very contentious issues that need to be resolved.

Colleague 1:  The deadline is in two days.

Colleague 2: Both sides are planning to sit down for the next twenty-four hours and not leave the room until we've hammered out a deal.

Colleague 1:  I am sure you will be relieved to have a deal signed.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - hammer out a deal

Two negotiators are talking ...

Union Negotiator:  Do you want the union to go on strike?

Company Negotiator:  Not at all. A strike would cripple our company.

Union Negotiator:  The union just wants some equitable adjustments to the labor contract.

Company Negotiator:  Then let's see if we can hammer out a deal that is acceptable by both sides.

Union Negotiator:  Let's get the coffee and get to work.

to hammer out a deal - Usage:


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to hammer out a deal - Gerund Form:

Hammering out a deal can be a stressful experience.

to hammer out a deal - Examples:

1)  The British government will attempt to hammer out a deal so that Britons can continue to enjoy affordable flights, ...

2)  Surely, adults can still sit down together and hammer out a deal that is fair to taxpayers and workers. 

3)  ... repeatedly tried to hammer out a deal, but they didn't appear close as the ...

4)  ... blame game on both sides of the aisle, get to the table, and hammer out a deal.

5)  The cartel meets in just a few hours in Vienna to hammer out a deal.

6)  ... to meet with state leaders every day in Springfield for the next two weeks to hammer out a deal

7)  ... the plane row could affect the judge's decision. The actors may also hammer out a deal privately to avoid the matter being aired in public.

8)  But we've got two weeks to hammer out a deal, and I expect we'll get it done.

9)  Too bad our negotiators weren't able hammer out a deal when the Americans were desperate for our oil and the Canadian dollar ...

10)  This employer needs to get a new attitude and hammer out a deal -- right now. 

11)  The protectionist anti-trade sentiment in the U.S. creates a particularly difficult environment in which to hammer out a deal, but we're definitely hammering.

12)  The pair have been trying to hammer out a deal on a new ceasefire in Syria and possible cooperation against the Islamic ...

13)  ... and our mediation team, has been working at the table to help both parties hammer out a deal. Together they winnowed down the outstanding issues, taking them one ...

14)  Everyone will gather round the negotiating table and hammer out a deal that benefits everyone.

15)  ... stumbling block when Canada's finances ministers meet in Vancouver next week to try to hammer out a deal on enhancements to the CPP.

16)  ... the 24-hour rule. But he acknowledges that as the two sides sit down to hammer out a deal, it will be an experience unlike previous negotiations.

17)  ... created a calculator that shows how much it's costing taxpayers while politicians try to hammer out a deal on forming a new government.

18)  ... were escorted off the property even as bargaining teams remained at the table trying to hammer out a deal

19)  European Union leaders are holding a summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday to hammer out a deal designed to keep Britain in the 28-nation bloc.

20)  Now that group was reactivated; as they tried to hammer out a deal, the others waited anxiously.